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October 4, 2022

When can you buy a round bed?

Modern beds are really diverse and are able to make any interior design truly unique. Today, it's possible to find not just beds of various sizes but also items created with different shapes. One of the trendy and functional solutions for modern interiors is round beds. People often avoid such furniture due to the fear of something unknown and extraordinary. Forget about worries. Today, we will observe the issue of round beds and tell you where they will perfectly fit.

What's the thing about a round bed?

The first items of the types started to appear in the 1960s as a part of the futuristic design. They were initially added to the designers' households and hotels. By the end of the 1960s, the round bed became a bit more common in the residential area. However, they didn't become a popular design choice. We can see them more frequently on TV in various shows or series.

hazel black bed

Hazel is our most popular model for round beds

Today, more people start showing interest in round beds due to the evolution of interior design and greater affordability of furniture. Beds having a round shape look unusual. However, it's not the only difference from traditional items. They have an absolutely different style of sleep and provide a new experience. It's connected with the fact that round beds require the use of the corresponding mattresses with no edges. Round beds additionally help save space in your room, which is a perfect solution for small areas. At the same time, it doesn't mean they are small or provide less comfort.

Another important thing about such furniture is its exceptional style. Just a look of a round bed is able to make a statement in the interior design. The varieties of such beds are numerous, so it's easy to choose a suitable variation for both luxurious and moderate minimalistic interiors.

The main benefits of round beds

For those who still doubt about a purchase of a round bed, we offer to observe the most prominent advantages of such furniture:

  • Exceptional style. It's not a secret that round beds look unusual and immediately attract attention. Such beds create a special atmosphere and can be used for any type of design - either modern or retro. The key thing is to select the right model.
  • More flexible placement. Thanks to its unique shape, a round bed might be located almost anywhere in the room. It looks well both in the corners and in the center of the room.
  • More safety. Such items have no corners, so they are much safer compared to more traditional rectangular beds. As a result, round beds might be a perfect solution for a nursery and your kid will never get hurt. What's more, psychologists claim that circular forms make people feel more secure.
  • Space saving. If you place such piece of furniture right, you can use the available space in a more effective way. The absence of edges leaves a freer area.

Surely, there're a few disadvantages, which should be taken into account:

  • Smaller space for sleep. When we speak about a place for one person, there's no difference. However, if two or more people are planning to sleep on a round bed, it might be a problem.
  • Diversity. Compared to traditional rectangular furniture, the choice of round beds is more limited.
  • Price. Depending on a selected model, a round bed might have a higher cost.

How to choose a round bed?

If you decide to make your interior unique and buy a round bed, it's important to know how to choose the right one and correctly place it:

  • First of all, consider the number of people who are going to sleep on it. If there are more than one, the bed should be large enough.
  • Think about the style. There exist various types of round beds, so you can choose minimalistic models and those supplemented with luxurious heads, canopies, and other accessories.
  • Consider the quality. It's important to pay attention to the used materials and the general durability of a round bed.

One more important thing is the correct placement of such an item. It might be suitable for both small and large areas. Just keep certain rules in mind:

  • For small areas, it's better to choose round beds in a minimalistic design. Locate an item in a corner in order not to block up the space. It's possible to purchase a bed with built-in shapes to use the area as effectively as possible.
  • For large areas, you can select large and luxury beds (depending on the interior of the room). It's a good idea to place an item in the middle of the room, thus, making it the main focus. Large spaces allow choosing beds with canopies and any other glamorous accessories.

In general, a round bed is able to make any interior look fresh, up-to-date, and unique. Just consider the available space and make the right choice of furniture.

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