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January 19, 2022

Why gray furniture is so popular in 2022?

It's not a secret that gray color is one of the most 'contemporary' or 'modern' color choices for furniture lovers. When you think of contemporary, you instantly think about gray. Let's try to understand why.

Besides obvious design, sleek look and form, furniture as a product, doesn't matter if it's a couch, bed, accent chair or tv-stand has one primary characteristics - color. While some colors tend to lose a little in popularity (for example white was VERY popular few years back, now - not so much), gray remains one of the top choices. Traditional furniture is typically associated with brown - and all shades of it. However, when we can safely say that "modern" and "gray" come hand in hand.

gray leather / fabric sectional sample

Gray almost always looks nice

Gray stays one of trendy furniture colors

Why it's so insanely trendy and popular? Let's be honest, this color popularity exists in every area of our lives, architecture, electronics, home goods, apparel, everywhere, not only in our niche. Gray is traditionally associated with high tech, lacquer, chrome, metals. It is pure associational thing no one almost never thinks about. Contemporary house with strict sleek panels, windows from the ceiling to the floor, extravagant lightning, shiny reflective surfaces. Overall sci-fi movie feel and its colors.

Black, white, metallic, chrome, all shades of gray (no we don't mean THAT movie). There are many shades of gray, to be honest, and they perfectly match with each other. Our customers, especially younger ones, tend to make their homes look more like a contemporary place, as in those movies. This is quite often a picture of a home design: low-profile, sleek, sometimes very minimalistic and cool-looking. Literally cool, strict opposite to those traditional warm old-fashioned tones, rustic wood cabinets and brown sofas covered in a crochet square blanket. Can you imagine Iron Man living in this place? ... Very doubtfully so.

Color Matching

Second important factor is that gray is probably easiest color to match with almost anything else. First of all, pretty much every shade of gray perfectly matches with other gray tones + all monochrome colors. Also, gray comes out perfect as an addition to bright, splashy, vivid colors like orange, red, blue, green and especially yellow.

Gray works absolutely perfectly with any large areas of white - most of the walls are white and people quite often leave them this way. Gray surfaces, even when matte, look glorious with any kind of reflective surfaces - hi-gloss, lacquer, glass and so on.

contemporary tv stand in white / gray

Quite often combined with white, gray gives endless combinations for sleek contemporary design

Dark gray or charcoal gray shades provide very distinct, almost black bold statement. While light gray that seems almost white at some angles (and lightning conditions) provides endless options while choosing other decor to match with. If you're into light and airy interior design, you won't skip light gray shades. Using charcoal gray colors, you can make areas visually smaller as with black furniture, and vise-versa - using light gray products any place gets more 'air' and feels larger and more spacious. It matches perfectly with natural light.

Wall color is also extremely important. Gray furniture looks absolutely stunning if walls are painted in some deep colors, like burgundy, deep see blue, dark orange and such. This way you create an amazing contrast that will work for your home in perfect harmony. And yes - careful with accent pieces. You don't want to many of them, these tones are perfect by themselves.


Another very important and almost non-arguable thing: gray sofa, couch, accent piece most likely won't ever get that dirty. This is probably the safest color for naturally masking up any kinds of dirt or stain.

Pure black & pure white, bold vivid colors tend to be most visible when it comes over to even slight dust, dirt or any kind of imperfections.

Gray on the other hand is complete opposite - almost nothing else can be seen on gray. It's ultimate absorber. Of course, that depends on a color grade, but overall, it's easiest color to maintain. They say those folks having metallic and gray cars never wash them. Maybe that's the main reason they chosen those colors in a first place? ... Ah, nobody knows.

Gray furniture

high gloss dark gray bedroom dresser

Darker gray tones can look very rich

One of the most popular uses for gray or charcoal colors, in either leather or fabric are in living room space. Gray sectionals, gray leather sofas, gray fabric sofas - you name it. Don't forget, we have a very easy filters system that allows to easily select your desired color to filter out others.

For the dining room: gray dining table sets, gray dining chairs are also extremely popular. One of the very trendy areas where gray color is the king - gray contemporary TV-Stands. We sell some of the best models that would really think contemporary decors well.

For contemporary bedroom manufacturers gray is one of most loved colors. Look for your perfect master bedroom idea in this color space and you will find it! Just check out our gray bedroom sets section and see how this amazing, not boring (as some may think) color is used to create sleek astonishing designs that are a true gem to the eye.

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