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Beverly Hills Furniture

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BH (Beverly Hills) Design Inc is a U.S. based importer and distributor of contemporary furniture. Well-known for quality modern wooden bedrooms, stylish living room furniture and great sectionals.

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Leather Sofas

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About Beverly Hills Furniture

Beverly Hills Furniture is a contemporary furniture wholesaler based in Jersey City, NJ, dedicated to serving brick-and-mortar furniture stores in the NYC area. With over 15+ years of industry expertise, they meticulously select and import furniture designs tailored for the discerning US consumer market. Beverly Hills Furniture specializes in offering products that exemplify quality and elegance, often leaning towards the higher end of the market. They prioritize durability, opting for thicker leathers, and maintain exceptional quality control while continuously incorporating attractive new designs into their annual lineup.

Signature Designs

Beverly Hills Furniture excels in several key design areas:

  • Explore their renowned contemporary sectional sofas, celebrated as among the best in the industry. These sectionals often feature multiple color options and versatile rotations.
  • Take a look at impressive modern leather sofas which compliment perfectly with contemporary furniture lovers.
  • Discover breathtaking modern bedrooms that truly stand out in terms of design and craftsmanship.
  • Beverly Hills Furniture also excels in crafting TV stands and coffee tables that are masterfully designed and thoughtfully constructed.

Explore these categories to find contemporary elegance in furniture design at Beverly Hills Furniture.