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Beverly Hills Furniture

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BH (Beverly Hills) Design Inc is a U.S. based importer and distributor of contemporary furniture. Well-known for quality modern wooden bedrooms, stylish living room furniture and great sectionals.

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Beverly Hills is contemporary furniture wholesaler servicing brick and mortar furniture stores around NYC. Their products are fully imported, and they are based out of Jersey City, NJ. They are in business for over 15+ years, carefully and masterfully choosing designs for US based consumer market. These products are leaning towards more expensive, quality area. For leathers, BH chooses thicker options that feature more durability. While maintaining high quality level of goods, exceptional quality control and attractive design, BH tends to carefully include newer designs in their lineup year over year.

The strongest area of Beverly Hills designs are in contemporary sectional area. Their sectionals are among the best of all. Quite often they feature multiple color choices and both rotations. There are some breathtaking modern bedrooms that truly stand out. Another strong area for BH is TV Stands and coffee tables. These are masterfully crafter and well thought out.