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ESF Furniture

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ESF Furniture is NY-based top-quality importer of modern furnishings including amazing bedrooms, living room sets, leather furniture and more.

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Living Room Sets

Leather Sofas

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ESF commenced its operations in 1996 and has since established itself as a prominent contemporary furniture importer, particularly on the East Coast and in the Tri-state area. With its main headquarters in Staten Island, NY, and a recent expansion into California, ESF is committed to exclusivity, European quality, and exceptional design. The company collaborates with various furniture producers worldwide, with its primary European partners situated in Italy (renowned for contemporary style), Spain (known for their meticulous craftsmanship), and, more recently, Poland. ESF's unwavering dedication to uniqueness, style, and utmost customer satisfaction distinguishes it as a standout furniture importer.

ESF's primary areas of focus encompass living rooms, dining rooms, and, of course, bedrooms. Regarding modern bedroom sets, ESF offers an extensive selection, often in collaboration with partner companies like Garcia Sabate or Dupen. In the realm of living rooms, ESF offers a wide array of unique sectionals that are simply unparalleled in design; these distinctive designs are not replicated by other brands. There's impressive collection of leather sofas in contemporary style. Furthermore, ESF provides an impressive selection of formal and everyday dining sets, featuring some truly exceptional and distinctive models.

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