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Boss Furniture distributors (subdivision of Poundex on the East Coast) is great addition to our manufacturers line. European-styled furniture with unique modern feel, New York inspired groove, clean and sleek designs. Very affordable models for all budgets.

Established in 2014, BOSS Furniture Distributors, Inc. has emerged as a trusted importer and wholesale distributor specializing in Poundex Furniture and Accessories, along with other home furnishings, catering to the eastern region of the United States. Their headquarters is located in Edison, New Jersey that enables us to efficiently serve customers that purchase that line of products in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the entire eastern half of the country.

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About Poundex Furniture

Poundex Furniture's primary mission is to provide accessible, affordable furnishings designed for everyday use at highly attractive prices. Their products are far from purely utilitarian; they are crafted for casual use and are aesthetically pleasing in their own right. With meticulous packaging, easy shipping, and straightforward assembly, Poundex products are built to last and effortlessly serve their intended purposes.

Main Areas of Focus

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Discover Poundex Furniture's commitment to providing accessible and attractive furnishings that add both functionality and beauty to your living spaces.