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Furniture Stores in New Jersey and New York

Furniture Stores

Let's face it, furniture stores are boring. Huge open spaces where all these sofas, sectionals, beds are placed on a floor in crazy manner; dining tables and chairs form one continuous wooden mass; lamps and rugs just flow into one lighted substance that after a while doesn't make any difference. Sometimes you just pick up a model, go somewhere else for a minute and you can't find that model you loved just a moment ago.

It's just too cramped, too much stuff, and those furniture store people love to stuff up those spaces as fully as possible. Besides, these guys love to move things around - you know when some certain product is good, and it's located in some bad spot it will never sell - this is especially true for furniture stores. You have an amazing sectional in dark corner away from entrance? It will never sell. So, they love to move stuff around.

Besides, it's really hard to choose where there's a lot of stuff mixed up together on a same spot! Just remember - you can like whatever product on a floor in furniture store, you order it, get it delivered in few days and then realize it's a product that looked absolutely great on that floor in a furniture store in that huge open space, but it looks absolutely awful in your apartment or house. Do you think that happens rarely? Well, unfortunately, it's a usual story.

There's also no easy way to quickly find what you're looking for. Looking for a vintage items or contemporary modern furniture? Looking for dining room, bedroom furniture or sectionals? With online store you're typically just a click away from your designated area of interest. In a store you're typically just floating around catching some interesting models by accident.

Again, there are some advantages to furniture stores, obviously. You can jump on a mattress, pinch a piece of leather, flip a table to see how legs are connected or smell a sofa. All nice and useful ways of spending time in furniture store.

Or you can get a better deal (ha!) from a calm and non-abusive inattentive salesman. Of course, you can! Beyond that it's much, much better to buy your furniture online. It's not just because we sell furniture online only which we do, but that's not a point, just think about it:

  • You can choose whatever you want from a comfort of your home. Nothing beats that. Period. Nobody rushes you. Nobody asks you every few minutes how you are doing. You can choose your new furniture for days, weeks and months or just until your old sofa completely breaks apart.
  • You can measure up your space right away. All products online have measurements, just take a tape measure - and you know if it fits. A little bit of imagination and you can see your chosen product exactly where you want it. In furniture stores it's much 'harder' to imagine anything, since again, you're in huge open space, far from your home, with different lightning, people going around, etc.
  • Furniture stores can't simply fit everything on a floor. Online stores, like us, can have thousands of products. We have over 14,000 products currently. No furniture store can have that.
  • Traditional furniture stores can't simply offer you the same great prices online stores can. It's in 99% of the cases not possible.
  • There are hundreds and hundreds of furniture stores in NYC and New Jersey as this is one of the 'prime' spots for all businesses and especially for furniture related businesses. It's impossible to visit few of them as you'll get bored very quickly and it's quite hard to pick up a store who will provide a best overall service. Unless manager is 'friend of your friend' who promised you the best deal possible - in this case, of course, we don't mind.
  • As a rule of thumb, New Jersey furniture stores can be quite larger than those in NY - rent is cheaper, New Jersey has overall more space available. In all stores you can find your furniture on the floor, but mostly - in catalogs, i.e. same as online pretty much.
  • All things said we're not saying 100% NO to furniture stores, this is highly subjective subject anyway - they have their use, if you need to see exact model that is on display for instance or if you're really picky about your mattress and need to flip it few times before buying it. Or even if you simply love going to stores. There should be people who LOVE going to stores, right?
  • No one denies knowledgeable salesperson can provide a worthy design consultation if you're looking for this type of thing. However, no interior designer can give you 100% proper advice without seeing your actual home. And anyway, no one knows your home better than you.
So, overall, furniture stores - well, they exist, and people visit them. We don't. We don't tell you not to. But if you must, instead of picking up your new furniture on as our beloved customers since 2006, we want to give one single piece of advice.

Avoid. Big. Guys. They simply don't care. This applies to big online guys too, especially Way.., Am...and Ov... well, nevermind. Let's not forget to delete last few things, ok?

Always yours,