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Furniture Stores in New Jersey and New York

Furniture Stores

Let's face it, furniture stores are boring. Huge open spaces where all these sofas, sectionals, beds are placed on a floor in crazy manner; dining tables and chairs form one continuous wooden mass; lamps and rugs just flow into one lighted substance that after a while doesn't make any difference. Sometimes you just pick up a model, go somewhere else for a minute and you can't find that model you loved just a moment ago. It's just too cramped, too much stuff, and those furniture store people love to stuff up those spaces as fully as possible. Besides, these guys love to move things around - you know when some certain product is good and it's located in some bad spot it will never sell - this is especially true for furniture stores. You have an amazing sectional in dark corner away from entrance? It will never sell. So, they love to move stuff around.

Besides, it's really hard to choose where there's a lot of stuff mixed up together on a same spot! Just remember - you can like whatever product on a floor in furniture store, you order it, get it delivered in few days and then realize it's a product that looked absolutely great on that floor in a furniture store in that huge open space but it looks absolutely awful in your apartment or house. Do you think that happens rarely? Well, unfortunately, it's a usual story.

Again, there are some advantages to furniture stores, obviously. You can jump on a mattress, pinch a piece of leather, flip a table to see how legs are connected or smell a sofa. All nice and useful ways of spending time in furniture store. Or you can get a better deal (ha!) from a calm and non-abusive unattentive salesman. Of course you can! Beyond that it's much, much better to buy your furniture online. It's not just because we sell furniture online only which we do, but that's not a point, just think about it:

So, overall, furniture stores - well, they exist and people visit them. We don't. We don't tell you not to. But if you must, instead of picking up your new furniture on comfyco.com as our beloved customers since 2006, we want to give one single piece of advice.

Avoid. Big. Guys. They simply don't care. This applies to big online guys too, especially Way.., Am...and Ov... well, nevermind. Let's not forget to delete last few things, ok?

Always yours, comfyco.com

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