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New Jersey

Delivery: $89
Estimated Delivery Time: 3-7 Days*
*Note: Your exact location, day of the week ordered, warehouse availability and other factors determine your exact delivery day. We will schedule your delivery time after your order has been placed. Please contact us for a more exact estimate or to make special arrangements if you need your order by a specific date. For NJ you might encounter delays / increased rates for Atlantic City / Cape May / Western NJ areas.

Please note that we currently deliver/ship only to United States.

We don't ship to Alaska, Puerto Rico, Canada or any other countires and territories.

Difference between shipping service and delivery

Difference areas Shipping Delivery
Cost of service Shipping cost is calculated in a shopping cart based on a weight of products and can vary. Add the products to shopping cart and enter your zip code to check. Please be aware that our shipping quotes are not designed to accomodate smaller orders. We are working with few furniture delivery companies and minimal shipping charge for a single small order starts from about $200+.

Since we are 99% focused on local market we don't include these fees to product cost as majority of other stores.

None of charges for shipping are our charges. It is paid directly to shipping company.
Our delivery service is very reasonably priced based on your location in Northeast, including NY, NJ, Philly area, CT, MA, MD, DC. Please enter your zip on a first page of the shopping cart to determine the cost. For some areas you can order additional services like assembly and walkups.

None of charges for delivery are our charges. It is paid directly to delivery team.
Type of service Furniture is packed on the skid (pallet) or shipped directly in boxes and unloaded in front of your house or apartment delivery entrance (curbside). All deliveries are inside to the first ground area of the house / apt. Assembly or walkups would typically cost extra.
Provided by Shipping company. We use few companies who specialize in furniture shipping. Delivery professionals. We work with few different teams each servicing specific area.
States covered All US 48 continental states with some minor exclusions. Few states in United States Northeast area, please click on your state above to check.
Average times for delivery 2-3 weeks since order date. Typically next business week, some areas - up to 2 weeks.