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Stock information

Unfortunately we do not display stock status for any of the products displayed on our website.

The reason is simple: we work with 20+ different factories and there is no system that would allow that. For some factories/manufacturers you would need to call each and every time to check a particular model, for some you need to use a different databases, some of which tend to be innacurate at times. Besides, sometimes stock changes very frequently and the item that is available today is no longer in stock tomorrow.

We do understand it is not very convenient at times, but unfortunately there is no other way.

You would need to call us before placing an order, send an email or (best of all) use 'Check STOCK' feature which can be found on the first page of the shopping cart.

Most of the proucts are in stock, however we ASK customers to check stock before a checkout once.

Also, you must understand that if you submit stock request after hours (over the weekend) in most cases those will not be answered until normal business hours.

Thanks for understanding, truly Yours. comfyco.com