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Accent Cabinets image
Display and Accent Cabinets Can be used as Display Units, in Walkways, Against the Wall Various Styles and Designs

Accent Cabinets

Color: Silver, Chrome
Brand: Acme Corporation

Accent Cabinets

Curved details teal accent / side cabinet

Accent cabinets are just displays / cabinets and other similar products that hard to place to other category. Yes, we have specific dining buffets section, also we have regular living room display category along with side/console tables. These accent cabinets, though, hardly belong there so here's separate section for it.

Our accent cabinets are pretty unique. Some of them feature quite a unique style and made of solid wood. Few accent cabinets from Coaster, for example, are made in such exotic countries as India (look for little flags in item listing) and feature absolutely unique craftsmanship, distinct solid wood choices, like mango wood, unusual oriental style and more.

These products are quite perfect against almost any wall in either your bedroom, living room or even dining room, because why not? Again, your fantasy and imagination are the only limits. Wherever it fits it fits.

Use these as extra storage units, place some flowers or vases, place your family photos on top of these and give your home a unique flare.

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