Color: Dark or very dark brown colors

Area rugs are nice little furniture pieces that add up to almost any place. Well, it's not technically furniture, but still - you can completely change the look of the rooms with a drastic or memorable area rug.

Area rug is very 'Eastern' tradition, for centuries area rugs were popular in Middle-East and were a sign of home society standing and richness of a family. Nowadays it has changed, and in most homes you won't find any traditional area rugs. However, we do sell those too - modern ones are in bigger variety, of course.

With over 200 area rugs it is a plenty to choose from. Two main sizes for area rugs are 5x7 feet and 8x11 feet. You would need to carefully measure up your office, living room or bedroom where you need an area for, and then make your decision. A great, funny or colorful area rug might just complete your decor. Some people do no like a possibility of area rug thinking it wouldn't do anything except for collecting dust: with modern vacuums it is quite an improper thing to think. So if you like designing your spaces, a good area rug is almost a must!