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Bar stools & bar tables in all possible styles Traditional & Contemporary, Glass & Wood Most bar stools are sold in pairs and have adjustable height

Bar Tables

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Bar Tables

Rounded glass top bar table

Bar furniture is latest world-wide trend. You may want to purchase a couple of bar stools for various reasons: nowadays for example it's not that rare to have a bar height counter at one or few sides of modern kitchen space. Some apartments do not even plan on dining room space - bar counter around the kitchen is enough. Wouldn't it be great to sit around and watch while someone is cooking? Here you go, that is one use.

High-gloss / glass bar table

Secondary use is quite obvious: bar is the place where people occasionally drink, so why not to have such a mini-bar area at home? If you have a little wine cellar, a corner which is criminally empty, or few bottles you have nowhere to keep it is absolutely essential to have a couple of bar stools and bar table of your choice that would give the whole decor a little fancy look and feel. Led lightning would be also nice, but optional.

Some bar tables even come with wine glass hangers and appropriate shelves. Most modern bar tables combine two primary materials: glass and metal, often chrome, traditional ones are mostly wood, veneers, sometimes leather.

Most bar stools do have adjustable height. In this case for measurement of a height of a stool you would have something like H 31/47 where those two digits represent lowest and highest height. Also, absolute majority of bar stools are not assembled from the box and sold in a sets of 2. If you have any questions about bar furniture, do not hesitate to ask us before considering purchasing.

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