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Chests, Armoires

Chests, Media Chests and Armoires are listed here

For more models please use main bed section

Many chests do not have separate pictures

Chests, Armoires

While we have some of the chests displayed here, mostly you can find a lot more of chests in our main beds section. Most of chests in those sets can be purchased separately.
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Gray contemporary style casual chest Kate (Gray) Chest 199.00 Simple casual style chest in black finish Marley (Black) Chest 219.00 Simple casual style chest in merlot finish Marley (Merlot) Chest 219.00 Simple casual style chest in silver finish Marley (Silver) Chest $219.00 $60.00 (27%) Off 159.00 Dark merlot finish wood modern chest Noma Chest 219.00 Solid woods and veneers chest Carlton Chest 229.00 Casual style dark brown wood chest Rosa Chest 239.00 Gray crocodile leather chest Pompei (Gray) Chest 259.00 White crocodile leather insert chest Pompei (White) Chest 259.00 Beige / espresso / contemporary chest Elaina Chest 269.00 Black casual style chest w/ silver inserts Mia Chest 269.00 Simple casual style gray finish chest Seville Chest 269.00 Cappuccino finish simple casual chest Cameron Chest 289.00 Briana black chest Briana Chest 299.00 Modern chest in black wood Linda (Black) Chest 309.00 Contemporary chest Linda (Merlot) Chest 309.00 Solid wood and ocume veneers chest Cambridge Chest 329.00 Contemporary ash gray two-toned chest Manvel Chest 329.00 5 Drawer Vertical Bedroom Chest Necey Chest 329.00 High-gloss modern design chest Mackenzie Chest 339.00 Mahogany wood finish casual style chest Monterey Chest 339.00 White exquisite finish chest Santorini Chest 339.00 Five Drawer Chest Grove Chest 342.00 Antique black finish traditional chest Carter Chest 349.00 Contemporary black / silver accents chest Chrissy (Black) Chest 349.00 Contemporary gray / silver accents chest Chrissy (Gray) Chest 349.00 Contemporary white / silver accents chest Chrissy (White) Chest 349.00 Gray/mirrored casual style modern chest Riley Chest 349.00 Warm rustic tone classical touch chest Victoria Chest 349.00 Black glossy art deco design chest Beverly Chest 359.00

Chests and Armoires

Chest is usually referred to a bedroom piece which includes one set of vertical drawers. Opposite to a dresser, which comes with some kind of a mirror in order to help a person to dress, chest is mainly meant for storing clothes and nothing else.

Here, at comfyco.com, we have quite a good selection of chests and armoires for sale. However, in this category we list all the chests that we have a separate picture for. A lot more of these could be found in main bedroom section. As any other piece there, chest could be purchased separately.

Chest are must-have pieces for storing underwear and t-shirts (most used clothes) and are absolutely essential to any bedroom. If possible, you need to purchase a chest of the same wood/finish as your bed, but if that is not possible, it is usually not too much of a deal - white furniture would look great with white bed, black - with black, and almost any shades of brown are completely matching.

Chest, as said before, is vertical piece. Any vertical furniture takes much less space, so in general, if you're deciding between dresser and the chest and have no space for both - take a chest. You won't regret it.

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