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Bar & Counter Height Pub style dining tables & sets Ideal for those who love to seat higher Some sets have matching servers/buffets

Counter Height Dining Sets

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Counter & Bar Height Dining Sets

Dark brown stylish bar heigh table

What is counter height dining table?

Counter Height Dining Sets have gained popularity lately and these types of dining table sets are perfect for those who like to sit a little higher and eat Manhattan style, casually as on the street or in your favorite restaurant. Modern counter height dining tables also are great for creating a more relaxed and causal environment. Again, this section is for 'higher-than-regular' off the ground dining options, if you're looking for traditional height tables you can find them here. Traditional ones are typically around 30 inches in overall height.

What heigh is counter height table?

Most of these tall or pub style dining room tables are located higher off the ground around 36 inches or so. 36 inches is industry standard, but some models can slightly differ, so check your measurements first. Most of our counter height table sets accommodate 4 chairs, and feature round tables due to their popularity.

What is typical height for bar stools / counter height chairs?

24-27 inches for seat height (from the floor). Overall stool / chair height can differ and typically go around 34-39 inches. Bar stools can work too - some bar stools are even adjustable that gives you extra options to play with.

Traditional counter height table w/ chairs

Anyone looking to save space should also consider a counter height dining room table set because they're more 'vertical' oriented than standard dining tables. It is easy to get on and get out from. Counter height dining sets at are available with a variety of materials like wooden counter height tables, glass tops sets, lazy Susan and more. Some the top brands include tables from Furniture of America, ACME, Coaster Furniture and Boss (Poundex), all with a reputation for quality bar height dining sets are affordable prices. For absolute most of tables displayed here you can get counter stools separately as well but bear in mind these chairs will be more like bar stools for which we have a separate section.

Some of our bar height dining tables here have extension, use filters to find those.

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