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Larger size (6+ chairs) dining tables and sets Contemporary, modern or traditional styles These sets have buffets curios, servers, vetrinas and/or other optional pieces

Family Size Dining

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Family size large dining sets

Gray glam style formal dining

Kitchen is surely one of the most important rooms - the whole family place of gathering. Perfect place for celebrating those big family holidays, like Christmas or Thanksgiving Day.

In this category we list all the dining sets that are generally larger than casual ones, which are not meant for everyday use. These tables are meant for special occasions, big holidays, family gathering and require larger dining area. Typically formal, family size dining sets we have here, have some extra products to it, except for dining table itself and dining chairs: for example, various buffets & servers, chinas & curios and also hutches and vetrinas. You can easily see those things in options. All of these extra products can be purchased separately, and we list them in appropriate categories if they have own picture.

Traditional style dining table

These dining tables are usually priced for table only and you need to add up a wanted quantity of chairs to it. In most cases these tables would easily fit 6-8 chairs, some would do 10. For some of these tables you can also purchase a matching armchairs, which are supposed to be placed on table ends. This is usually not an option with everyday dining sets. Tradition - is the main motto for these amazing, large family size sets.

Large tables can be overwhelming for everyday use, so a lot of these tables feature different types of extensions. When table has an extension, you'll typically see double or sometimes even triple measurement in length column, for example 78/102 which means that table is normally 78 inches but can be extended to 102. If you only need to shop for tables with extension, you can use our built-in extension filter for that. Read more about extensions and their types in our article.

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