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All beds that have full size as option are displayed here From contemporary & modern styles to more traditional You can find your full bed here

Full Size Beds

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Full Size Bedroom Furniture

Full size glam style bed w/ lights

Full beds are slightly smaller than queen. Typical mattress size for a queen bed is 80 by 60, and full beds are 75 x 54 or so. So why would anyone want a full bed instead of queen?

Main reason is space issue. Sometimes few inches of space really matter. Besides if 1 person primarily plans to use the bed anyway, difference between queen and full for 1 user is unimportant. Secondly, a lot of folks buy full beds as a primary kid bed, since queen is quite enough to sustain 2 people and in most cases considered too large for 1 person. We have a dedicated youth bed section, but there are pretty much just bunk beds or twin bed options.

Full espresso leather bed w/ storage

All our full beds are pretty much inherited products from main bedroom set section. As with king beds, factories typically do not tend to produce full bed pictures since size difference between queen and full is not that large, so, queen bed pictures are used.

Choose your platform type, color, style and start shopping for your perfect full sized bed today. Most of these would have additional pieces like dressers, nightstands, chests and other bedroom goodies in options.

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