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Rectangular checkered frame design mirror CS815 Mirror 169.00 Antique silver frame floor standing mirror CS807 Mirror 299.00 Jewelry cheval mirror w/ storage CS828 Mirror 139.00 Jewelry cheval mirror w/ storage CS766 Mirror 169.00 Jewelry cheval mirror w/ storage CS805 Mirror 199.00 Mirrored frame floor standing mirror CS813 Mirror 179.00 Jewelry cheval mirror w/ storage CS804 Mirror 199.00 Square silver mirror CS806 Mirror 149.00 Black/silver frame mirror CS077 Mirror 159.00 Warm brown frame cheval mirror CS101 Mirror 59.00 Honey frame cheval mirror CS101 Mirror 59.00 Brown red finish frame cheval mirror CS103 Mirror 119.00 Round accent wall mirror CS354 Mirror 129.00 Gold wall mirror CS356 Mirror 109.00 Cappuccino frame floor standing mirror CS417 Mirror 189.00 Cappuccino frame floor standing mirror CS453 Mirror 169.00 Brown red finish frame cheval mirror CS466 Mirror 159.00 Mirror collage CS585 Mirror 249.00 Antique silver mirror CS590 Mirror 259.00 Sun shaped mirror w/ bevelled edge CS637 Mirror 139.00 Cappuccino frame mirror CS645 Mirror 209.00 Warm brown frame floor standing mirror CS647 Mirror 199.00 Silver starburst accent mirror CS733 Mirror 199.00 Interlinking loops design mirror CS734 Mirror 269.00 Spiral silver antique design mirror CS736 Mirror 189.00 Sleek frameless mirror CS783 Mirror 99.00 Modern frameless mirror CS784 Mirror 219.00 Modern frameless mirror CS785 Mirror 229.00 Frameless greek design mirror CS786 Mirror 199.00 Unique mirror made of few rounded shapes CS791 Mirror 189.00


Mirrors are perfect examples of a nice little furniture-related additions that canm make an empty space - special, an 'almost finished' room - finished and so on. Everyone loves their mirrors at bathrooms, but few extra mirrors all around the house would come really handy.

Bedroom is one of those main rooms for extra mirrors. Almost anyone would agree that some mirrors in a bedroom are absolute must. We offer quite a variety of mirrors on comfyco.com, they are primary two kinds - standing mirror, or wall-hanging mirror. We are sorry, but we don't provide any assistance with hanging a mirrors on the walls.

Long, vertical standing or hanging mirrors are great for seeing yourself in whole length. Those are also perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, or house entrance areas.

It is quite hard to have too many mirrors around - have enough of them, just in case, and you can be sure that you would look great in any situation.

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