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We sell complete 5PCS or 6PCS bed sets in this category Full, King or Queen Beds(B), Night Stands (NS), Dresser(DR), Mirror(MR) or Chest (CH)

Bedroom Sets

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Bedroom sets

In this category we sell few bedroom sets, as few of the manufacturers have some specials when a set is purchased. In most cases it's Queen Bed, 2 Night Stands, Dresser + Mirror (5 PCS), but sometimes also the chest is included (6 PCS). In any case: the main rule for purchasing a set is that you can't change anything in it and it is sold as set only. Also, no specials or discounts can be applied to any of the bed sets, since those are already discounted. We do not have a lot of bed sets as for now, but we plan to get a much more of these sets in the future. Most of the times, we use abbreviations for some things, for example: NS - Night Stand, DR - dresser, MR - mirror, CH - chest and so on.