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Modular couches and sectionals Combine any combination for your specific needs Highly modular in nature these sectionals are truly versatile

Modular Sectionals

Color: Blue, Navy
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Modular Sectionals

White modular fabric sectional

There are regular sectionals and recliner sectionals (that have separate categories on our site) and there are modular sectionals that you can enjoy browsing in this category. Modular sectionals are getting more and more traction lately and becoming more and more popular. Quite easy to see why.

First of all what modular sectional is? It's simply a sectional that you can 'build' using pieces. Typically you can see pieces structure very easily on product pictures as these are meant to be modular by nature. In most cases there few piece types, like corners (they are also named wedges), armless chairs or simply chairs, ottomans. These are 3 most common 'piece' types that are used in modular sectional design. What's the most important here is that in most cases we allow to purchase these 'pieces' as options - which really gives you endless possibilities to make your own couch. For example, you want to get 5pcs modular sectional that you like but would like it to be a little longer. No problem! Just add one more armless chair to your pre-selected sectional and enjoy!

Blue fabric modular couch up view

Modular sectionals are perfect choice for a lot of reasons. In some cases you can't just find a perfect match for your specific space needs - some product are too small, some are too large. With modular pieces idea it's quite easy to to a simply math and get exactly what you're looking for. Second reason why modular design for couches is very popular is ability to use pieces separately (should you want it) and/or order pieces for exchange quite easily. Lets say your dog destroyed a piece from your white couch by spilling some ketchup on it? No big deal! Just order a piece to replace - with modular design in mind it's quite easy to do.

These types of couches getting more and more popular every day. Due to their usually low profile, relative affordable cost and exchangeable, modular nature they are extremely popular. Choose your finish, color and custom design your living room space.

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