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Choose from over 300+ reclining chairs Fabric, suede, microfiber and leather Casual & traditional designs

Recliner Chairs

Color: Green, Olive, Teal, Lime

Reclining Chairs

Classic leather brown recliner

Recliner chair is ultimate inexpensive, single person-oriented furniture craving. Yes, you don't want to share this beauty with anyone else. Sit back, stretch your legs, exhale and hit that recline button. That's it, you're in heaven!

In this category we list all standalone recliner chair that are either part of larger recliner group that also have sofas or loveseats - or separate piece of reclining chair. There is also reclining sectional category - some of those have accompanying chairs too. Currently there are over 300+ products listed here.

Dark gray fabric recliner chair

Most of reclining chairs come in all possible styles of fabric or microfiber, some do come in leather or leather match. Which one is better - is completely up to you. Most of recliner chairs come in traditional colors, brown, espresso, black among some of most popular options.

The only another thing we want to mention is mechanism. Typically, recliner chairs feature manual reclining function, but some of the chairs feature newer power recliner that requires electric motor to function. Latter ones are generally more expensive but also offer more convenience factor. Is it worth your buck - up entirely to you.

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