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Recliner sofas/loveseats/chairs Available in leather or all kinds of fabric Full motion, regular recliners and power recliners


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Reclining Sofas, Loveseats & Chairs

Contemporary white leather recliner sofa, loveseat and chair

Recliners are really popular in US for some reason. Maybe it's because we, Americans, love ultimate comfort more than anything else? Quite possibly. No other sofa or chair gives us such a feeling of total comfort. Legs go up, back goes down (how fully depends on particular model) and you feel yourself almost lying down, taking the tension off your legs and your spine. Sound amazing? It surely is. Only this type of sofa offers ultimate unprecedented comfort.

Brown suede fabric recliner set in traditional style

Recliners in general tend to be quite traditional by nature of this furniture: the fluffier, heavier, more solid they are - the better. However, we have some amazing contemporary recliner models, so if you're looking for a modern recliner sofa you can check some products from J&M and ESF. While traditional sofas of this type typically feature sinuous springs, padded arms and sinuous springs, modern recliners typically pay attention to highly resilient foam, clean lines and overall sleek design.

Most of recliners are quite traditional. There are some models that feature full powered mechanisms, and some who do offer only manual version of recliners - just read a description to see which ones have powered features. Powered recliners are typically more expensive.

Of course as a rule of thumb you can get these sorted by color, black, brown, espresso are among the ones most popular + of course you can sort these by material, for example leather or fabric. Usually, all pieces can be purchased separately, for instance if you only need recliner loveseat you can get it from any set as an option, same applies for chairs, however for reclining chairs we also have a separate section (we list all chairs that have stand-alone chair picture there).

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