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Empire Furniture USA Sectional Sofas

Brand: Meyan Furniture

Sectionals & Sectional Sofas

gray / black sectional sofa w/ storage and bed

When you're ready to buy a sectional sofa from comfyco.com we will give you the option to customize your space no matter what your style preference, color scheme or layout. We will make sure you'll find something that perfectly matches your home feel and d├ęcor. We carry modern, contemporary and traditional styles.

That's because we carry more than 800+ best couches including sectionals w/ storage. These storage sofas typically feature lift corners or chaise parts so you can use inner space for storing things. Extremely valuable feature for storing bedding.

We allow you to choose colors groups to easily filters color options you're looking for. For example, if you need only white sectionals, you can easily choose 'white' in filters and only sectionals that have white as primary or secondary color will be shown. Same applies to materials, for example if you hate leather or faux leather and want only fabric option, no problem - just choose your type of fabric and browse. We also have microfiber and velvet products there.

One of the most important features of sectional couch is rotation of a chaise lounge which ultimately defines its shape. Often this is referred to as L-shape couch - and shorter L part is called chaise. Depending on your room you may want left-facing, i.e. sectional with left chaise or right-facing. i.e. right hand side chaise sectional.

There are also sectional sofas that feature chaise lounge rotation to both sides. What does it mean is usually these are pieces where chaises exist on both ends of the couch. Yes, some sectionals feature even chaises on both sides, which is quite fantastic since it brings a plenty of seating options for your living room. Our filters are extremely handy so use them to your advantage!

Cozy brown sectional sofa in living room setting

Another thing to like about corner sofas - a lot of them can serve as additional bed when needed, i.e. act as a sleeper sectional. For a lot of products here you can see extra pictures that show how they can be used as a bet. It's quite great to have an option for additional sleeping space, isn't it?

Difference between regular sofa and sectional?

Sofa is typically 1 piece, however sectional is 2+ and more pieces usually. That allows more seating space and more versatility. Sectionals tend to be larger than regular sofas.

You can easily use length filter to determine you desired size of your future sectional. Small apartment style L-shaped couch is something completely different pricewise and size-wise than a large, oversized open room style couch.

Don't forget the color. One of trendy colors lately is gray. So how about gray sectional sofa? Or maybe gray is not your thing, how about ivory? Or possibly black sectional sofa? Don't forget those filters, they work like charm.

Most of sectionals are extremely easy to assemble. In most cases assembly consists only of attaching legs + attaching the pieces together (most of these couches' pieces have hooks). Some of them feature reversible chaise, all that feature storage are usually: so you can install chaise on either side. How amazing is that? Just imagine you're getting a couch ordered and not sure what side you want a longer side on. You can decide those things right on delivery. Quite a convenience.

Before you know it, your living area will be converted into the most comfortable and cozy space in the house. With our wide selection of modern furniture, there's no limit. Also nice thing to have that almost all sectionals have throw pillows included - all pillows that you see on pictures (usually at least 2) are part of the product and are included in the package.

You'll find the most comfortable and affordable sectional couches in a wide variety of colors and materials. Besides, what's probably the best feature of these types of sofas is that you have endless variations on how to lay / sit or sleep on them. Regular couches are quite limited in this regard. Also, choosing a coffee table or ottoman to use alongside your couch can be an adventure on its own - and who doesn't like adventures?

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