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Single contemporary beds All styles available These beautiful beds come with no matching casegoods

Single Beds

Brand: Coaster Furniture
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Single Beds

Storage gray fabric bed from Coaster

In this category we display all the beds that do not have matching casegoods, i.e. beds with no dressers, night stands, or chests. These beds are typically not a part of any sets, which is not necessary a bad thing. Just as a reminder: we have majority of beds with casegoods in beds category - those can be purchased separately as well.

Beds displayed here are meant to be 'alone'. You can of course get some dressers or nightstands to come along (and those might and SHOULD not match as in most cases it will be quite impossible). Here we have some of the most sophisticated bed designs there are. Storage, ultra low-profile, leather finish, tufted backs, we even have amazing beds with adjustable headrests from J&M.

Leather white platform bed

While considering a bed besides obvious color choices, you can also focus on platform type. As a rule of thumb, we recommend platform beds, which tend to be most sturdy bed types available at the market today. They are typically pricier than regular slat type beds, but generally are much better.

A variety of product here are available for special order only - namely the special order beds from Franco Spain. These are truly unique furniture creations that will leave no one indifferent.

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