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Sofa beds & pull-out sleepers in all colors Leather, fabric, microfiber and suede finishes Very affordable and more expensive quality sofa beds

Sleeper Sofas

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Sofa Beds & Sleepers

Loveseat style sofa bed in open shape

What do you do when unexpected overnight guests come over? If your kids or mom comes over the weekend? ... Unless you have a couple of extra beds around, you use a sofa bed! This futon style sofas are perfect choice for a lot of applications including that unexpected guest ones.

Sofa beds or sleepers are great for many reasons. First of all, they turn any living room into a potential guest room and make the sleeping area for visitors or guests more flexible. They are extremely easy to maintain and assemble. The best part is, with our pull-out sofas, you won't be able to tell the difference between a normal couch and your sleeper so it will come as a nice surprise!

Most folks think sofa beds are really cheap and transitory, non-lasting products, which is only partially true - only if we talk about extremely affordable variants. As usual, that depends on a price and product itself, but most products from our selection can last over decade easily.

Sleeping areas for most sofa beds are not a standard size - but in most cases very close to it. When we post measurements for sofa beds, typically it would list something like L 80/72 x D 32/46 x H 16/32. What that means is that this particular sofa has a sleeping area of 72 x 36, which is quite close to a full bed. We have some 100% queen bed size sleepers, but those are typically not a 'book' style sleepers. These are most popular and famous Fantasy and Dynasty models.

Gray queen size sleeper sofa bed w/ storage open

Sofa beds are also great for kids and students. They don't take up too much space, they're affordable and they are generally easy to move around, in case you move a lot or just like to re-organize things. When it's in a sofa shape, you can't keep your bedding on it obviously - so a lot of sofa beds have built-in storage just to store things. Very handy! Storage organization is on another level and sofa bed couches are perfect for small spaces. These types of sofas are quite a home improvement by any means, since they are versatile.

Whether you are looking for a faux leather convertible sofa bed or microfiber (fabric) upholstered one, you'll find a great selection and quality brand name sleeper sofas online at With a little help of our handy filters, you can select your preferable material or color, for example you can easily list leather sofa beds, microfiber ones, or only the ones that come with storage. Or browse by brand. You'll find top international names like Sunset (Istikbal), Casamode and Meyan.

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