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TV Stands

TV-units or TV-stands - we have quite a few of them

Designed to be used along with TV

Drawers and shelves are used to store your equipment or media

TV Stands

Color: Lighter brown, camel, mahogany, caramel
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Modern high-gloss TV Stand JM061 TV Stand 859.00 Modern TV/Entertainment unit in taupe/walnut Hudson (Taupe/Walnut) TV Stand 1,069.00 Country style oak finish TV Stand Hopkins TV Stand 649.00 Angelo TV cabinet in noa walnut Angelo (Walnut) TV Stand 649.00 Weathered light oak TV Stand Markos TV Stand 849.00 White/Oak Palu Transitional TV Stand Palu TV Stand 399.00 Contemporary Gray High Gloss / Gray TV Stand JM015 (Brown/Gray) TV Stand 759.00 Modern White Lacquer / Walnut TV Stand JM015 (White Walnut) TV Stand 759.00 Light Walnut/Gray Doris Mid-Century Modern TV Stand Doris TV Stand 579.00 Oak hanover modern tv-unit Elegance (Oak) TV Stand 799.00 Modern TV/Entertainment unit in black/walnut Hudson (Black/Walnut) TV Stand 1,069.00 White/walnut retro feel TV Stand Gramercy TV Stand 549.00 Modern style TV cabinet  in walnut wood Jensen (Walnut) TV Stand 499.00 Natural wood tv-console Knox TV Stand 869.00 Light Oak Mantador Traditional Media Chest Mantador TV Stand 469.00 Walnut/glass contemporary TV Stand Elm TV Stand 629.00 Walnut/glass contemporary TV Stand Elm Mini TV Stand 549.00 Rustic weathered pine 71=inch tv console CS891 TV Stand 229.00 Contemporary Black High Gloss / Light Walnut TV Stand JM015 (Black Walnut) TV Stand 759.00 Reclaimed wood tv stand CS303 TV Stand 599.00 Warm walnut veneer contemporary TV Stand Lisa TV Stand 749.00 Top grain leather retro style TV Stand Aberdeen TV Stand 2,259.00 TV-unit in walnut contemporary wood Adriana TV Stand 1,079.00 Floral pattern solid natural wood TV Stand Amaratha TV Stand 889.00 Mid-century style walnut TV Stand Anthrop TV Stand 979.00 Rustic Oak Carole Industrial TV Stand Carole TV Stand 477.00 Hazelnut natural wood TV Stand CS055 TV Stand 529.00 Rustic brown / black tv-console CS072 TV Stand 529.00 Rustic walnut 60 inch TV console CS531 TV Stand 449.00 Mid-century modern dark walnut tv console CS793 TV Stand 329.00

TV-Stands and Entertainment units

The times when TVs were so huge that were a separate single piece of furniture that supported itself are fortunately, a long-time gone. Despite the fact modern TV-s are coming with a set of optional supportive legs for most cases a modern customer (as yourself) prefers TV to be hanging on contemporary TV-stand or standing on one.

That is why we have a place for TV-stands, TV-units or sometimes they are called entertainment units. Hanging ones - we have a few, but most of TV-stands that comfyco.com offers is purely the ones that TV is standing on. It is more solid, more convenient and generally in most cases simpler and looks better.

Most TV-bases serve also as a furniture to keep all TV-related stuff organized. Receivers, Cable boxes, various gaming stations (PlayStation and X-BOX), some DVR-s, Video Recorders, DVD-players ... There's a lot of different stuff that might find a use on a modern TV-stand. That's why most of them have an openings on the back.

You would need to see what style of TV-unit suits you better. For traditional sofa, recliners, or puffy fabric sectional - more classic wooden TV-stands would be a best choice. For a low-profile leather sectionals with contemporary glass coffee table the best choice would be probably a high-gloss lacquered stand. You should not be afraid to pick a low TV-units out - a regular person gets used to a 'height' of an image really fast (remember those bar TV-sets that hang near the ceiling?) and it really does not matter that much if TV is a little lower than your point of view or a little higher. Consider the stand look and design first and worry not about a TV-height. Ask us any questions you may have before you make your purchase.

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