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Twin beds of all possible styles Perfect for guest rooms & kids rooms or if you just like smaller beds All twin beds - modern and traditional are listed here

Twin Size Beds

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Twin size beds

Typical casual style twin bed w/ casegoods

Twin beds, despite the fact to be smallest of all standard sizes (75 x 35 inches for a mattress size) are perfectly fine for 1 person usage. Most kids' beds are twin size which is a golden standard for quite some time now.

Twin beds do not take a lot of space. Due to their size, platforms for these are typically very sturdy and quite unlikely to break in your lifetime. Most twin beds are used for kids, teenagers and young or single adults. We have a separate kids section on a website, but in this category we mainly display general purpose twin beds or twin beds inherited from main bedroom set section.

Two modern styled light gray twin beds

Twin beds tend to be quite inexpensive. Most optional pieces if needed can be choosed in options or in separate categories. Some beds of this size have storage, and tend to come in absolutely wide variety of styles. We have some white contemporary beds and traditional rustic wood ones - all depends on your preference.

In most cases, unlike for full or king beds, factories DO invest in separate pictures for twin bed sizes, however some models still display standard queen bed picture in case twin bed specific picture doesn't exist.

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