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Traditional & Contemporary Wall Units Center of your Entertainment Stocked and Special Order Products



Bone wall unit with decorative carvings

Wall-units are ultimate entertainment furniture products designed with a large TV and plenty of storage in mind. This furniture is considered to be 'old-fashioned' since in previous times folks used to keep pretty much all valuable belongings in on around the most important area in the house - center of entertainment, which is typically TV area. Nowadays these reasons are not as valid.

Modern sleek wall-unit in white

We don't have a lot of wall-units since those products are typically hard to assemble (we do not assemble these) + there is not too much of a choice from brands we work with. However, some wall-units are really and truly a thing of beauty, for example the contemporary ones from J&M (these ones look more like displays) or for traditional ones Acme. We also have special order wall units from Fenicia Spain which are out this world.

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