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Full and Top Grain Leather Sofas

Genuine leather sofa is a stylish complement and diversify any interior space, allowing its owner to relax and unwind.

Material refers to the expensive coatings, indicating the high status of the owner of the material, its success and solidity. Leather furniture in NYC is not only suitable for the office, meeting rooms, and living quarters.

Range of full grain leather sofa

Today the assortment of products such as real leather sofas for the home, is quite diverse. It can satisfy the tastes of consumers of different levels of security. Generally, products are available in various forms:
  • Modular;
  • Corner;
  • Direct

Any design is manufactured in accordance with European quality standards, so finding a buyer. For lovers of traditional forms has a range of classic models - ferrous top grain leather sofas, which are always at the height of fashion. Prefer bright design seek and find the very latest developments in furniture fashion.

Genuine full leather sofas are made in different colors due to the large choice of the type of skin to skin. They are available white, bright yellow, red, grass-green tones and equipped with a variety of design delights.

Real leather sofas upholstered with such distinguished not only by the variety of colors, but also the form and purpose. We have quite a good choice of:
  • Folding option;
  • Do not folding;
  • Rigorous and "playful";
  • Small and elegant;
  • Double.

Many designs are equipped with a spacious compartment for storing clothes and have a comfortable, a great place to relax.
Exquisite product design, implying the concise and elegant forms, pleasant colors, an abundance of chrome elements allow to diversify any modern interior room.

All top grain leather sofas look great in private homes and restaurants, offices and bars, commercial establishments and waiting areas.