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Gray Leather Sofas

Gray color is very elegant and quiet. It is very popular color choice for furniture now. And no wonder, because it fits perfectly into the interior of virtually any room.

Nobility and practicality of a gray leather sofa

They say that the gray - the color of sadness, melancholy and autumn rain. In fact, the shades of gray help to get a welcome calm after a hard day, to achieve total relaxation and forget about worries. Besides, gray is the color of modern, metal, technology and advancement.

Benefits of gray leather sofas:
  • Gray is a perfect color for minor dirt, dust and stains: those mostly stay invisible;
  • perfect match for modern interior rooms;
  • Gray sofa has the functionality and practicality;
  • simple in form;
  • gray, unlike some other colors, is pretty neutral and does not irritate the nervous system and vision.

With what is best combined gray leather sofa set?

Best of all these sofas look in black and white spaces: they are perfectly linked between these two colors. This furniture fits well into the room, decorated in the style of hi-tech, full of advanced appliances, sounds systems, tv-s, etc. White color of the walls, is best, in most cases - and white color is (no surprise here) most common.

Various pillows and cushions - this is what you need when you buy gray leather sofa. Any bring color extra pillows would like great, for example, purple, red or pink pillows. But, of course, there is focus on the personal perception of colors and choose what is most comfortable for the eyes.

Where to buy a gray leather sofa in NYC?

On comfyco.com we have some really nice choices for grey color leather sofas and sectionals. Just look on the left filter panel for grey color filter. It is very trendy and most recent color combination and we really-really love it and think it looks amazingly great.