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Large Sectionals

Avery 1,599.00 Bergamo 1,499.00 BH266 (Gray) LF 2,599.00 BH266 (Gray) RF 2,599.00 BH266 (White) RF 2,599.00 Bonaventura (Brown) 1,549.00 Bonaventura (Gray) 1,549.00 Charlotte 2,199.00 Christian LF 2,199.00 Christian RF 2,199.00 Churchill 1,199.00 Claude (Dove) 2,399.00 Claude (Latte) 2,199.00 Colstrip 2,889.00 Davide 4,599.00 E2119 (Gray) 3,079.00 E2119 (White) 3,079.00 E2144 LF 4,699.00 E2144 RF 4,699.00 E2146 LF 4,099.00 E2146 RF 4,099.00 E2566 3,299.00 E8312 3,599.00 Erin (Beige) 489.00 Erin (Gray) 489.00 Fairheaven 1,299.00 Ferndale 3,099.00 Gail (Blue) 1,839.00 Gail (Cream) 1,839.00 Gail (Gray) 1,839.00 Gary 5,599.00 Giulianna 2,549.00 Graham (Gray) 2,099.00 Graham (Navy) 2,099.00 Graham (Pink) 2,099.00 Jackson (Gray) 2,699.00 Jackson (Navy) 2,699.00 Jackson (Pink) 2,699.00 JM1717 LF 4,069.00 JM1717 RF 4,069.00 JM397 (Beige) LF 4,069.00 JM397 (Beige) RF 4,069.00 JM397 (Chocolate) LF 4,069.00 JM397 (Chocolate) RF 4,069.00 JM397 (Gray) LF 4,069.00 JM397 (Gray) RF 4,069.00 Jolanda (Black) 2,099.00 Jolanda (Blue) 2,099.00 Jolanda (Gray) 2,099.00 Marisol 2,889.00 Molina (Beige/Brown) 1,490.00 Molina (Brown/Cream) 1,490.00 Molina (Floket Gray) 1,490.00 P7769 1,019.00 P7770 1,019.00 Provence 1,189.00 Roy (Gray) 1,539.00 Roy (Oatmeal) 1,539.00 Royal Home (Blue) 1,690.00 Royal Home (Brown) 1,690.00 Royal Home (Gray) 1,690.00 Serpentine (Black) 2,779.00 Serpentine (Gray) 2,779.00 Serpentine (Navy) 2,779.00 Serpentine (Olive) 2,779.00 Serpentine (Pink) 2,779.00 Skyler (Beige) 2,799.00 Skyler (Gray) 2,799.00 Steph 2,499.00 Wessington II 2,889.00

Large Sectional Sofas

Comfyco's selection of large sectionals and sofas incorporates modern style, unique designs and high quality materials from many of the top brands across the world. Our large sectionals bring their own functionality and style in classic L shape as well as the chic curved serpentine.

Sectional couches are an essential element in any living space and the large sectionals at Comfyco give you the opportunity to add extra storage and seating space in the living room. With a range of large L and U shaped large sofas.

Why Choose a Large Living Room Sectional?

There are many advantages to adding a large sofa to your living room furniture. Not only will you have more seating for guests, but you'll be able to full the empty space no matter what living room layout you choose.

Comfyco makes finding the perfect large sectional simple. The only difficult thing will be choosing the one you like most from our collection. Whether you are looking for leather or plush, ottoman or no ottoman we have something for everyone.

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