Ashburn, VA
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Living Room Sectionals

Apolo LF (Black) 6,389.00 Apolo LF (Brown) 6,389.00 Apolo LF (Ivory) 6,389.00 Apolo LF (Pearl) 6,389.00 Apolo RF (Black) 6,389.00 Apolo RF (Brown) 6,389.00 Apolo RF (Ivory) 6,389.00 Apolo RF (Pearl) 6,389.00 Argento 5,499.00 Beckett 1,319.00 Belville (Beige) 1,509.00 Belville (Chocolate) 1,509.00 Belville (Gray) 1,509.00 BH266 (Gray) LF 2,999.00 BH266 (Gray) RF 2,999.00 BH266 (White) RF 2,999.00 Bronx 1,749.00 Camelia 5,299.00 Dallas (Chocolate) 1,299.00 Dallas (Red) 1,299.00 Damian (Black) LF 3,729.00 Damian (Black) RF 3,729.00 Damian (Gray) LF 3,729.00 Damian (Gray) RF 3,729.00 Damian (Navy) LF 3,729.00 Damian (Navy) RF 3,729.00 Darie 1,559.00 De Ville 1,049.00 E2119 (Black) 5,199.00 E2119 (Dark Gray) 5,199.00 E2119 (Gray) 5,199.00 E2119 (White) 5,199.00 E2347 LF 4,429.00 E2347 RF 4,429.00 E430 LF 6,999.00 E430 RF 6,999.00 E8312 5,199.00 Earsom (Blue) 769.00 Earsom (Brown) 769.00 Fairheaven 2,089.00 Ferndale (Brown) 4,259.00 Ferndale (Gray) 4,259.00 Firminus 2,149.00 Grisby 2,709.00 Harun 1,759.00 Hetfield 2,079.00 Jayla 3,989.00 Jaylene 1,949.00 JM761 (Caramel) LF 4,499.00 JM761 (Caramel) RF 4,499.00 JM761 (Gray) LF 3,999.00 JM761 (Gray) RF 4,499.00 JM761 (Peanut) LF 4,499.00 JM761 (Peanut) RF 4,499.00 JM761 (White) LF 4,499.00 JM761 (White) RF 4,499.00 Josiah (Pale Berries) 1,599.00 Josiah (Sand) 1,599.00 Karato 6,999.00 Kaylee 4,659.00 Kaylee II 3,249.00 Kaylee III 3,249.00 Kaylee IV 2,659.00 Kaylee V 2,659.00 Liam LF 3,449.00 Liam RF 3,449.00 Linda 8,609.00 Luanne 1,589.00 Maeko 5,579.00 Mallory LF I 1,169.00 Mallory LF II 1,169.00 Mallory LF IV 1,169.00 Mallory RF I 1,169.00 Mallory RF II 1,169.00 Mallory RF IV 1,169.00 Marcin (Blue) 1,389.00 Marcin (Gray) 1,389.00 Melvyn 1,319.00 Midtown (Black PU) 1,929.00 Midtown (Brown PU) 1,929.00 Midtown (Brown) 1,929.00 Midtown (Gray) 1,929.00 Moda (Black) 6,029.00 Moda (Blue) 6,029.00 Moda (Cream) 6,029.00 Moda (Gray) 6,029.00 Mood LF 5,699.00 Mood RF 5,699.00 Ornella 3,149.00 P6414 1,139.00 P6415 1,139.00 P6416 1,139.00 P6425 1,479.00 P6426 1,479.00 P6433 2,119.00 P6434 2,119.00 P6437 2,119.00 P6438 2,119.00 P6937 1,079.00 P6938 1,079.00 P6939 1,079.00 Patricia 3,219.00 Pennington 3,369.00 Picard 2,879.00 Qiana 1,709.00 Reyes 1,859.00 Rhett (Dusty Pink) 1,889.00 Rhett (Purple) 1,889.00 Richmond 2,089.00 Sarin 2,249.00 Senda (Beige) 3,449.00 Senda (Taupe) 3,449.00 Shakira 5,299.00 Tampa L (Airy green) 4,519.00 Tampa L (Pearl gray) 4,519.00 Tampa R (Airy Green) 4,519.00 Tampa R (Pearl Gray) 4,519.00 Valencia LF 2,099.00 Valencia RF 2,099.00 Vinny 1,379.00 Whitson 2,079.00
Living room is a place where our family, our guests and we ourselves spend free time, have lounging experience, watching TV, playing with kids, drinking tea, communicate, opening Christmas presents and assemble New Year Tree... This room is special in every apartment that's why we need to decorate it thoroughly, make it comfortable, cozy and stylish. The central place in living room is given to the sofa.

Living room sectionals

Sectional sofa for the living room should be chosen accurately with the aim to provide style, decorate your space enjoyably and effortlessly, harmonize relations and create a friendly atmosphere. To choose the right color of living room sectionals upholstery it's a good idea to be guided by the color of the walls. If your living room is neutrally designed, it is better to use rich expressive shades. And vice versa the brighter walls the more stand out would be your sofa. White covers are perfect for living rooms with colored walls especially if they are too dark. It is not too good to buy the sofa to match the wallpapers - it simply merges with them.

Best of living room sectionals

In our shop you will find modern designer living room sectionals in faux leather like in such models as P7310, G8137, Almira Black and others. Corner sectionals would greatly fit small living rooms. Take a look at models Sothell,Gus, Almira. For huge apartments with large living room choose luxurious models as G8137, P7310.

These living room sectionals will fit perfectly in your living space. They will help you to accommodate your guests when needed because they all easily convert to beds. Great number of models has storage so you could place all useful things. Our living room sectionals provides:
  • unique styling
  • comfort (with the help of adjustable headrests and footrests, pillows, storages)
  • long-lasting upholstery (modern microfiber mostly) and mechanisms (such as 'Cascade', 'Clik-clak', 'American folding bed', 'French folding bed', 'Book', 'Euro book', 'Lift', 'Sofa', 'Dolphin')

    • All these features make each sectional sofa to be truly a gem!

      The High Density Support Foam for long-lasting comfort and durability are used in our sectional sofas. This means that the seat cushions are made without steel coils which tend to sag over time and cause the foam surrounding them to collapse.

      We sure you will be very satisfied with your purchase living room sectionals in our shop because of wide variety of excellent sectional sofas. We also propose you a great service - our staff is professional and responsive.

      Have a nice time by shopping with our team and let's make your living room more comfortable with our sectional sofas!