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Microfiber Sectional Sofas

When choosing a high-quality and comfortable sectional sofas it is important to pay attention to the upholstery in the aim to understand what you are dealing with and to teach to take care of. There is a variety of couches with different upholstery in our shop. One of the most popular as well as durable and stylish is microfiber. This is a synthetic textile of a new generation, it is aesthetic, breathable and hypoallergenic because it doe not attract dust; it has strong resistance to exposure of chemicals and light; furthermore it evenly distributes static electricity. Historically it was found in the late 1950s and came onto the market in the second part of 1970s. However, definition of 'microfiber' appears in 1990s and since that time it is wide spread throughout the world.

Microfiber sectionals

By buying this sectional sofa you will get:
  • contemporary long-lasting upholstery
  • piece of furniture which is accessible at the price
  • easily to clean surface
  • stylish and modern-looking sofacomfortable and restful seat place.
In our collections you will find a great number of sectional sofas with microfiber upholstery. For example, the Elegant Collection by Istikbal (Sunset Furniture from Turkey) has coverings with exclusive tailoring which give your apartment a refined look. European-styled sectionals with clean and sleek designs you will see in At Home USA Furniture as well in Coaster, ESF, Global, Glory, Meyan, Poundex and Rain Furniture.

Advantages of microfiber sectional sleeper sofa

Microfiber sectional sofa resistance to tears since it is made from polyester fibers known for its practicality. There are several varieties of this trim, but only expensive category are equipped with special Teflon coating repels water and dirt. Microfiber sectional sofa may be based on knitwear or cloth, or a non-woven continuous basis. Microfiber may have an adhesive backing. It also can be a similarity of leather and suede. Microfiber sofa is insensitive to temperature changes as well.

If necessary, the fabric can be washed and vacuumed. Microfiber sectionals is easy to clean with the help of all the popular means for removing stains, but strong chemical solvents is better not to use. Upholstery cushions with removable covers of microfiber washable even with the machine. However it is better to use dry professional cleaning.

There is soft charming neutrality in soft colors of microfiber sectional sofa. They are not of rich shades like gobelin tapestry or jacquard, however such furniture looks very homely and cozy. So the Microfiber upholstery has more advantages over other types of sofas' coverage.