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Reclining Sectional Sofas

The highest comfortable piece of furniture that you might have is your reclining sectional sofa. Just imagine the premium thick Italian leather, plush lumbar support, ratchet headrest, durable electric reclining mechanism for ultimate relaxing experience, like in a model JM300 RF. Plus excellent customer service. That is the dream!

Profit of reclining sectional sofas

What does it mean to have a sectional sofas with recliners?
  • supreme comfort for your back, head, neck and feet
  • stylish and ultra-modern piece of furniture
  • functionality in each detail
  • comfortable design
  • joining the history

The etymology of the word tells us about Old French recliner which means rest, lay; bend, lean over (thirteenth century) and about Latin origin reclinare (to bend back, to lean back; cause to lean, from re- back, against). From the very first sectional sofas with recliners were designed to give the users an opportunity not only to sit but also to half lying with the legs and feet off the floor.

History of reclining sofas

It is historically known fact that first reclining camp bed was owned by Napoleon III. It served as a chaise lounge, a chair and a bed, so Napoleon could fold it out for sleeping or sitting with maximum comfort. This camp cot was quite functional for its time serving multiple purposes. It was portable and featured padded arm rests and a steel frame. While the Napoleon camp cot lacked a complex mechanism it no less functional than today's recliner designs. The user could sit in an upright, recline with the feet elevated or the cot could be folded out for sleeping.

Reclining sectional sofas today

Modern day recliner was founded by Daniel F. Caldemeyer who claimed for so called rocket recliner. What a name for a chair! Based on science of kinetics, his recliner was used by NASA. Besides these chairs belong to President Lyndon Baines Johnson. With over 300 patents, Daniel F. Caldemeyer added the foot lift rest, heated seating and massage features to this chair and had the patent for the first entertainment center. The popularity of recliners grows: you'll see them in airplanes and trains, in space ships (in projects Mercury, Gemini, Apollo). You'll be extremely eager to have this kind of furniture at home. Mind your eye! Our reclining sectionals are those which prepossess. Such couch will be the focal point of your living room. That sort of thing will stand in good stead. Your friends and your family as well as your dog will highly appreciate the reclining sectional sofa. All that you remain to do is to tell these great stories about enjoying living life comfortably.

We assure you will be very satisfied with your purchase. We also propose you great service, our staff is professional and responsive.