Fairfield, CT
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Tufted Leather Sofas

Meet Chesterfield tufted leather sofa, which is suitable for all interiors. Rounded backrest and armrests the same height, as it is diamonds pattern tie, the seams are hidden under the buttons. The armrests of the tufted sofa curled out like a scroll or an element of ancient architecture. The entire structure rests on a stable low bellied legs. A classic, easily recognizable, totally comfortable, equally masculine and feminine, Chesterfield leather sofa seems versatile piece of all furniture. Indeed, this vintage-looking leather sofa can be found in clubs, restaurants, banks, private residences, and at homes as it easily fits into the interiors of living rooms, offices and libraries.

Materials for tufted leather sofa

Traditionally, Chesterfield sofa is upholstered leather - black, chocolate, coffee, red color. Chesterfield leather sofa design can be called "club sofa" (similar to "blazer"). It is strongly recommended the vintage prosperous interior of the older, classy houses.

Chesterfield-style armchairs and loveseats are also came from a main sofa design and become a tradition on its own.

Today, designers and manufacturers of upholstered furniture safely sneer on classic appearance tufted leather sofas, creating models of the most unusual colors: leather Chesterfield can easily be, for example, yellow or red, and their cousins in velvet can be, for example, in some bright, modern, neon colors.

Tufted leather sofa, or Chesterfield, became so popular in the world of design, that today we can see that almost everywhere in other furniture products - footstools, chairs, stools, couches, headboards for beds, and of course, in all sorts of sofas - from elegant French to modern minimalist ... That's probably because tufted sofa combines the rigor of the drawing ties and coquetry produced puffs, classicism and comfort, which makes it suitable for absolutely any interior style.