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White Sectional Sofas

Alice LF 2,349.00 Alice RF 2,349.00 Allison LF 1,699.00 Allison RF 1,699.00 BH266 (White) RF 2,299.00 Bosnia LF 999.00 Bosnia RF 999.00 Darby 1,179.00 Davenport LF (White) 3,699.00 Davenport RF (White) 3,699.00 Domino 849.00 E1511 LF 1,999.00 E1511 RF 1,999.00 E2119 (White) 2,699.00 E2383 LF 2,499.00 E2383 RF 2,499.00 Fleurier LF 3,399.00 Fleurier RF 3,399.00 Floria (White) 1,469.00 G9782 (White) 969.00 GL207 799.00 GL217 399.00 GL307 LF 799.00 GL307 RF 799.00 GL587 799.00 GL647 LF 799.00 GL647 RF 799.00 GL907 LF 849.00 GL907 RF 849.00 Ibiza 4,189.00 JM1717 LF 3,799.00 JM1717 RF 3,799.00 JM625 (White) LF 3,399.00 JM625 (White) RF 3,399.00 JM761 (White) LF 2,999.00 JM761 (White) RF 2,999.00 Julie (White) 2,299.00 Kemina (White) 1,289.00 Kiva (White) 979.00 Lego (White) 3,249.00 Lyssa (White) 759.00 Milan (White) 899.00 Nicoletti LF (White) 3,979.00 Nicoletti RF (White) 3,979.00 Nila LF 2,799.00 Nila RF 2,799.00 Orchard (Off White) LF 2,399.00 Orchard (Off White) RF 2,399.00 P6967 1,029.00 P6977 1,029.00 P6979 1,029.00 P6985 1,029.00 P7364 979.00 Peever (White) 719.00 Prestige (Off White) 2,649.00 Sparta 3,979.00 Talia 1,489.00 Winner LF 3,499.00 Winner RF 3,499.00

Modern White Sectionals

Nothing says modern like a white sectional sofa. It's both a luxurious, stylish and can be paired with multiple colors to match your living room's decor. Why Choose a White Sectional Sofa?

If your living space is small, white sectionals give the room a feeling of spaciousness. So they're perfect for small apartments or dens.

We all know that finding decor or accent pillows for living room sectional sofas can be difficult. With a white sectional sofa, you can incorporate hard or softer tones depending on the current style. They go great with soft grays, browns and even black for the ultra modern look.

All of sectionals including our white sectional sofas shown here use high density support foam for long lasting comfort and durability. There are no steel coils in our seat cushions as they tend to sag over time and cause the foam surrounding them to collapse. If you're looking for the perfect white sectional at a great price, we know you'll find it at Comfyco.

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