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Terms and Conditions

Sales Terms

1. All orders are subject to availability from the manufacturer. We do not issue rain checks. We will not charge your credit card until we confirmed with the manufacturer (Paypal charges whole amount on your order right away).

2. All orders require payment in full before delivery, unless otherwise agreed.

3. Due to the nature of furniture business, we process all orders manually, and may take up to whole business day. If you place your order over the weekend you won't receive your confirmation till Monday.

4. The information provided on this website is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, occasionally, there could be typos or errors. We are not obligated to honor or be responsible for these errors. Types of errors are, and not limited to: pricing errors, colors, incorrect delivery charges, dimensions etc.

Measurements / dimensions are provided by manufacturers and in 99% cases are very accurate, but can be slightly different (or sometimes incorrect). This is considered absolutely normal due to the fact any furniture is man-made, hand-made product. Any measurement related issue or concern is not a subject for return/excange.

5. You are responsible for measuring and making sure that your purchase will fit through doorways, stairways, into elevators, etc. In case merchandise doesn't fit, you may request a refund, with a deduction of a restocking fee of 20% of the original purchase price. Shipping charges will also be deducted from your refund. In case of free delivery some actual delivery charge might be deducted from your refund.

6. YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO NOTIFY US about unusual delivery conditions: floors, walk-ups, basement, etc. (in case you expect the delivery crew to bring it in, of course). Most of these services are not free and have to be discussed individually. In case there's a conflict at a time of the delivery, we reserve a right to return a merchandise to a warehouse, refunding your payment - shipping charge - restocking fee (20%). Please be reasonable. Do not expect/presume things, ask before ordering. If you want to order something and not sure if it'll fit, provide us with as much info as you can before placing an order, including desriptions/pictures of your entrances/space etc. Furniture is tough product to handle and there are no free 'tryouts' in this industry, so please take it seriously.

7. You must accept delivery at the assigned/confirmed date/time. In case you're not in home during agreed delivery time another delivery fee might be applied. In case you can't be there at proposed time frame, we will offer you a different time frame/date at a later date.

8. Drivers cannot deliver furniture if someone 18 years or older is not at home at the time of delivery. However, if delivery is scheduled and there's no one home (no one picks up phones/etc) we have a right to leave your order at your door or if conditions seems unsafe - we have a right to take it back to the warehouse. In this case secondary delivery w/ possible charges will be suggested.

9. Drivers cannot handle furnishings that are not listed on the delivery documents. This includes, but is not limited to, electronic components (e.g. televisions, computers, stereos). They can HELP you with that, but absolutely not obliged to. If you are not ready for your delivery (no space for assembly/delivery provided), delivery might be canceled and new delivery fee and date will be applied. Please be advised that drivers can't also do some custom work not connected to the furniture assembly, like hanging mirrors on the walls - it requires special insurance and will never be done as a part of furniture delivery service.

10. You have to make sure you have a space prepared for delivery. In case there's not enough space for delivery/assembly - we reserve a right to return the products back for a proper restocking fee.

11. Our drivers and delivery teams are the best professionals in industry, and they always try to be as accurate/careful as possible, but you must understand that furniture delivery and assembly are provided as complimentary services and those services include some risks. While we take care to avoid damaging any property while delivering furniture, which are generally heavy, bulky items, we are not responsible for any accidental property damage that may occur. We are also not responsible for any dirt/damages to your floor, other things in your rooms, including other furniture pieces/area rugs/etc. If you don't want to take that risk, please ask drivers to unload your furniture in front of your door and take care of further delivery/assembly by your own preferred method.

12. You are absolutely, 100% responsible for checking your payment receipts/order confirmation emails for accuracy. In case of mistake in your order you have to get back to us and correct it. If your delivery is confirmed and it appears it's your 'billing address' instead of the 'shipping address' we will charge you for re-delivery. Same applies to incorrect phone numbers/improper phone, missing communication, delays connected to wrong info/etc. Unless otherwise agreed we can't deliver when no one is expecting us at confirmed date/time.

13. Special orders will require a payment in full by credit card. There are no deposits for special orders. Deposits for any other orders can be returned only with conjunction with cancellation terms (see below). There are no cash refunds.

14. Prices are subject to change without notice. We undertake no responsibility to honor pricing or other errors on our website.

15. We don't take any packaging or boxes left after delivery is done (all boxes/cartons/etc that furniture is packed into), our delivery teams only can help you to organize it, and get it to your garbage. Packaging is a part of your purchase and that is not our responsibility to get rid of it.

16. We are not responsible for any delays in your order delivery that may occur. You have to understand, that this is sometimes very complicated process including many transportation companies, warehouses, etc. The longer this 'chain' is, the longer delay may occur. For local warehouses and local deliveries we deliver very fast, that's true, but in case of long-distance pickups-deliveries, there are delays that may occur. You must understand that, we are trying our best to get your furniture delivered ASAP, sometimes it's delayed because of the reasons beyond our power. Please call us before you place your order and customer service representative would be able to provide you with more accurate information or answer your question about possible delivery times/options. Unless other companies on the market we will always provide you with real times/dates and won't give you any empty promises.

17. All specials, coupons, promotions are entered on the first page of the shopping cart by customer - you. You see you order amount when you pay. We are not adjusting any submitted orders for you.

18. We do provide most COI (Certificate of Insurance) if needed, however if you building is refusing our insurance we are not responible for any problems with your order delivery/arrangements, etc. If we need to return your order back to the factory because 1) your building didn't like our COI for whatever reason, 2) you don't want to deliver your purchase with building crew/by yourself - you will be responsible for 20% restocking fee.

19. While on delivery, we reserve a right for our delivery crew to take a picture on the phone of assembled product in your home. This has no threat of a privacy to you - we do that for 2 reasons: 1) To be protected against fraud/chargebacks, 2) to use the best images in our social media. By purchasing from us, you are agreeing to this.

20. Some dining chairs, especially the ones that are not pre-assembled on a factory, have a tendency to 'shaken' or 'roll'. The primary reason for this is our floors, which are far from perfect + the chair assembly proccess that if possible, needs to be done vertically and/or with a person seating on that. When you move some of these sensetive chairs around you may see that they roll in different spots differently or do not roll at all. This is not a defect, but a 'feature' of dining chairs, which is quite rare anyway. It is only seen on hardwood floors - obviously you won't see them on the carpet. Our delivery teams might help you with providing spare furniture pads (little round things you can install on some of the legs of chairs) to eliminate rolling, if they have some extra ones left, but in general we are not obliged to do that. Those pads are sold everywhere - any hardware store, in case you'd find you need them. Some of the chairs come with those pads as a part of the package or pre-attached.

Assembly Policy

Assembly service provided at no extra cost (at most cases) in local areas (NY-NJ-CT-MA-MD-DC-PA). It is absolutely complimentary service. We do not hang mirrors/wall-art/etc on the walls. We do not assemble lamps. At the moment we do not provide assembly to following groups of items: Kids Furniture, Kids Bedrooms, Kids Beds, Kids Office Furniture, Kids Seating, Office Desks, Office Chairs, Office Collections, Bookcases, etc. Wall-Units, Mirrors, Lamps, Daybeds and Vanities.

Assembly is free service, but any reasonable tips for delivery crew are, of course, appreciated. All delivery invoices have a spot where you mark down if assembly was provided, or not (if not = you are refusing it for some reason). Drivers are always asking the customer about assembly. Invoice has to be signed in either one of the spots. There is absolutely no claims would be answered if somebody else signed the invoice for you, or you realized 1-2-3 days after delivery you could get the furniture assembled for free and didn't do that at initial delivery. We do provide this service for free, and we provide it once. There is no re-assembly of any kind provided. Thank you for understanding.

Cancellation Policy

1. Order can be cancelled within a 24-hour period since the moment of the purchase free of charge. After that a restocking fee of 20% will be applied to any cancellations. With few thousand sku-s sold on comfyco.com we can't have all the merchandise in one warehouse, ready for delivery. As soon as your place your order a shipping or delivery from manufacturer is ordered. In case you're cancelling your order after this is initiated we usually have to ship it / deliver back / pay restocking fees to the factory/manufacturer. That's why we charge a 20% restocking fee. We do not benefit from it in any way.

2. Comfyco.com reserves a right to cancel any order at any time, for any reason. Of course, in this case, 100% of your payment is refunded.

3. Cancelling orders may be expensive. Please do think before placing an order or before cancelling it. This is furniture, not electronics, not clothing. Impulsive, easy-minded buying doesn't really work with furniture as it's one of the toughest types of goods to ship/handle.

Colors Policy

We can not guarantee that the color on the picture of the ordered item would 100% match with the actual color of the furniture. In extremely rare, unsual cases, colors might slightly differ. There are reasons beyond our power for that:

1. We use pictures provided to us by very different factories, i.e. sources. All pictures are made by different photographers at different times. Some pictures are more bright, some slightly lack color in some channel, etc. In practice that means colors may differ.

2. Pictures look different on different computers. Every monitor is adjusted the own way. Older monitors give darker and warmer picture.

3. If color on the image and color in description seem like different to you it is better to believe color descriptions, than colors that you see on the picture (like if you see cherish with little red, and item descriptions says 'cherry', that would mean the actual color would be cherry).

4. We are relying on pictures and digital images provided by our suppliers. We can not accept any returns or exchanges based on color issues.

Return/Exchange/Refund Policy

Returns will be accepted within 30 days of delivery and will not include the actual shipping costs.

We do not offer exchanges - we work with different factories and each order is ordered individually, so in general we do not have a flow of products to offer you an exchange for.

In case your order qualified for a free (discounted) shipping or delivery cost, actual shipping/delivery cost will be deducted from your refund. In case you free shipping at your checkout it doesn't really mean it's free to us. Each shipping charge is determined by order total / your location, and can vary from $50, $75, $100 and up.

In case you are shipping something back to us, as a return/exchange you will need to pay for original shipping + return shipping. Alternatively you may want to ship yourself, if you find that a better option. We do not have 'free return shipping' policy.

Please call if you are not sure, what's the cost. If you request a pickup service for you return from us, additional cost may apply. For local areas that would be $50.00 and up typically.

Returns/Refund procedure is really simple:

A 20% restocking fee will apply to any item returned. Please see Cancellation Policy above.

Please be aware that some returns of furniture products can be expensive and/or quite impossible, because of the nature of the product. It's furniture. It's not a electronics or clothing you're putting back in the original box and ship it back. Most furniture pieces do require some assembly that makes the brand new piece assembled piece and vice-versa transition is therefore impossible. Factories do not accept any assembled products for return since those can not be sold to anyone else. In order to be returned, piece should be not assembled and be in original boxes.

Returns without original packaging are not subject for return, there are no exceptions. You have to understand that we are not direct importers or manufacturers of our products, and these products have to be returned to supplier's warehouse, and without original condition and packing, they can't be. Item(s) must be in original packaging & must not be assembled. Returns not in original packaging, or assembled items will not be accepted for return.

Assembled items can not be returned. No furniture manufacturer will accept previously assembled piece of furniture. We are acting as a service provider between wholesaler/manufacturer and you, our customer.

Returns of the damaged/scratched items will not be accepted for return. Special Order or 'Comfy Deal' items are not returnable. Mattresses, rugs if unpacked, are not returnable.

Fraud Transactions / Identity Protection

In modern internet world, unfortunately, a lot of fraudulent transactions occur. These transactions include purchases from stolen/inactive credit cards or cards that belong to a different person. Those risks still exist, despite very positive efforts of credit cards processors to eliminate them completely.

We MAY require you to fax or email us over an additional information, before we proceed with your order. Typically, we would require you to fax us over 1 page of data with following items:

1) Your ID, clearly showning your face/name
2) Card that the purchase was made from (first numbers can be covered)
3) A sentence in a form of "I authorize Comfyco furniture to charge this card for a $ total amount of purchase....". This has to be submitted along with your signature, name, date.

4) Alternatively, we might charge your for slightly lesser amount, that is originally accepted (lets say $598.23 instead of $599.00) and you would need to contact your financial institution to let us know this amount. This additional information mentioned above will be requested from you in extremely rare case, when your card was declined few times when placing an order, for example, or billing and shipping address are completely different, or in case the transaction was under review for a longer than usual amount of time.


Any additional or private info will be kept intact and of course will not be shared or used in any way: it will be stored securely and will be destroyed after 6-month period upon order completed delivery.
Thank you for understanding and cooperation.

Warranty/Damages Information

All products sold on the website come with 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Limited means not every case of damage will be honored as a warranty case. There are often cases of misuse, worn-off, etc, and those things are not decided by us, but by respected manufacturers.

Comfyco.com does NOT offer any warranty for the furniture that we sell, since we do not actually manufacture it. As a company, we are only responsible to deliver you the furniture in a perfect condition. Warranty is given by a manufacturer. If some of the furniture at the date of delivery (or within 7 days) is found defective or damaged - we will exchange it at no cost. However, you should be aware that most of these claims will be declined if you signed the invoice that you received your furniture in perfect condition, so you must inspect your furniture at the time of delivery. All signed shipping invoices indicate that you inspected your furniture, and if done so, we are unable to file a claim with a shipping company. We inspect all pieces before shipping out, so it's extremely important to inspect all items received. All other claims about defects or imperfections found afterwards should be mailed to claims @ comfyco . com, including your order number, picture(s) and description of the defect. All exchanges / fixes are completely covered and decided by manufacturers, not by us, we act as a 'bridge' between you and manufacturer and responsible only in delivering goods to you in perfect condition. We keep tight relationships with our manufacturers, and those claims will be forwarded to them. If manufacturer approves your claim finding the item(s) defective - we will gladly exchange it, providing you with the shipment of the replacement parts at our expense. Please note that in some cases claims with shipping companies could take up to 90 days.

However, most of the damage claims, if the delivery is inspected and signed, will be refused: you have to inspect the furniture. If item is damaged, it most cases it HAS to be returned with the same truck it got delivered with. We do not produce the furniture we deliver to you, and exchanging parts/whole sets without returning the original delivered furniture piece to the manufacturer is generally impossible.

Warranty is also void in case of: Most of minor damages that may occur over time, for example: fallen out handles, knobs, stitches, glass/mirrored inserts, cracks, rips, etc. are not covered by any warranty and considered wear and tear. Any moving parts / coffee table lift mechanisms / beds mechanisms / doors / etc. are not meant to serve forever as well and in some conditions can be broken within a shorter than you expect, time. In most cases it's designed to serve for a long time, but after all - this depends on actual usage. We can assist with obtaining some parts in case something is found broken, sometimes even for free, but in most cases you can't expect us to service your furniture. We are not a service company, we don't sign any service contracts and despite the fact that you may feel something should last longer or we should fix anything that will happen to your furniture over time, in most cases it won't be so. However, we try our best, and if you're having a problem, send over your order number, pictures + description of this problem to claims @ comfyco . com and we'll review and answer to each concern.

Please be aware that if some item(s) is(are) found DAMAGED it HAS to go back to our warehouse with the same delivery truck it got delivered with. You should not keep the goods you want exchanged in case of a damage.
This is essential to get your FREE re-delivery of non-damaged item(s).

In 99% of the cases we do not have a replacement for you right away. Manufacturer would need to inspect the broken piece and will issue a brand new piece which we will re-deliver to you for free. However, we provide only 1 FREE re-delivery: and that's if broken piece is returned with initial delivery. In case you'll find a damage after invoice is signed and delivery truck is left, you might request a pickup/exchange, but this will not be a free service. In most areas this pickup/re-delivery fee will be $50, $65, $75, $85 or $95, depending on your area. Shipping customers would need to pay back shipping, if initial delivery is not refused.

If you are having an issue, please contact us at claims @ comfyco. com and we will make every effort to successfully resolve it. Your 100% satisfaction is our primary concern, so we'll work with you until every issue or claim is resolved.

We do not offer any warranty plans at the moment.

Comfyco Furniture shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, add or remove any terms or conditions of these Terms and Conditions Agreement without notice or liability to you. Any changes to this Terms and Conditions Agreement shall be effective immediately following the posting of such changes on this web site. The most recent version of these Terms and Conditions Agreement may always be found on Comfyco, Inc. web site. You agree to review these Terms and Conditions Agreement from time to time and agree that any subsequent use by you of this web site(s) following changes to these Terms and Conditions Agreement shall constitute your acceptance of all such changes.

This Agreement was last modified on November 20, 2017
Comfyco Furniture INC

By buying from our website you are legally agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and are obliged to read this document before you place your order.