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J&M is one of the new and unique players on modern furniture market in NY-NJ area and based out of Edison, NJ. They offer absolutely breathtaking bedroom sets with unique features like all-high-gloss finish or leather headboards. Stylish and long-lasting modern furniture.

Since our establishment in 1999, J&M has tirelessly scoured the globe to curate a collection of inspired designs that will truly elevate your home. Their furniture line is meticulously crafted with the contemporary decorator in mind, catering to the desires of today's generation. They truly understand the essence of personalizing each room and creating a space that exudes a sense of uniqueness and careful curation. J&M designs encompass a wide spectrum, appealing to individuals with diverse preferences, and their range encompasses everything you need to furnish and adorn both your home and office. At J&M, they take pride in offering a comprehensive selection to meet all your home furnishing needs. Their premium bedroom collection, expertly crafted in Portugal and Spain, to exquisite leather sofas and sectionals, they strive for excellence in every detail.

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In business since 1999, J&M stands as a distinguished leader in the contemporary furniture space. Boasting over two decades of experience, J&M possesses an innate talent for crafting sophisticated yet elegantly simple modern designs. The brand's primary areas of focus are exceptional quality, a carefully curated selection of models, and an unwavering commitment to minimalist modern aesthetics.

J&M sources its models from a variety of countries, cultivating strong relationships with its partner factories. These countries include but are not limited to Spain, Italy, and Portugal. These three European nations serve as the main sources for the brand's manufacturing and design endeavors. With its headquarters based in Edison, NJ, J&M unquestionably plays a major role in the contemporary furniture landscape.

The standout category in J&M's extensive lineup is undoubtedly the contemporary bedroom sets. J&M's bedrooms are renowned for their exceptional quality and design. All beds feature full platforms, eliminating the need for any additional support aside from a mattress. Customers have an affinity for the brand's low-profile beds, characterized by sleek contemporary styles, lacquered and high-gloss finishes, and some even feature LED lights.

J&M offers a diverse range of bedroom sets, including casual wood finish bedrooms and beds in trendy modern finishes like white, gray, and black, catering to various price points and design preferences.

The drawers in all of the brand's bedroom case goods are equipped with soft-closing mechanisms of unparalleled quality. J&M's premium bedrooms from Portugal boast hardware from Blum, a top-of-the-line German hardware manufacturer. Every piece is meticulously designed and thought out, setting them apart as top-tier bedroom furnishings.

J&M also offers a stunning collection of single beds, many of which feature storage options and are imported from Italy, renowned for their exceptional quality. These beds often include additional detailed photos to provide customers with a comprehensive view of the product.

For those seeking modern sectionals, J&M's selection is among the best in the contemporary furniture industry. These sectionals are typically characterized by their low profiles, premium Italian leather upholstery, rotational features, adjustable headrests, and sleek chrome metal legs, contributing to their overall style. Modern reclining sectionals, notably the Picasso model available in various colors, have gained popularity in recent times.

J&M's collection of TV stands is equally noteworthy, featuring sophisticated sleek designs that are often high-gloss or lacquered. These TV stands incorporate soft-closing drawers and exude a contemporary aesthetic. Some models are truly eye-catching and defy easy description, necessitating a firsthand viewing experience.

Furthermore, the brand offers some of the best office desks, predominantly in contemporary styles. Finding a glossy white computer desk that combines affordability with striking aesthetics can be a challenge, but J&M's lineup makes it achievable.

Finally, J&M's prowess in coffee table design deserves mention. Their collection includes remarkable options such as high-gloss rotating tables, tables with black glass inserts, rounded edges, and much more.

At, we deeply value our partnership with J&M and eagerly anticipate the introduction of new and captivating models each year. Choosing which models to include in a brand's lineup is a pivotal decision in the business, and with J&M's exceptional management consistently demonstrating their keen eye for design, we are not only content with the present but also confident in the future.