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Servers | Wine racks | Buffets | Kitchen Consoles and Cabinets Either part of a set or stand alone models Great for versatile larger kitchen or dining spaces

Buffets, Servers, Kitchen Cabinets

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Buffets & Servers

Contemporary buffet w/ glass shelves

Buffets are absolutely amazing pieces. Where do you keep your 'not-everyday-plates', where do you keep your cutlery, glasses, bottles of wine? Unless you have some built-in kitchen cabinetry, buffet or server is a must. Well, at least you can consider one.

These units can come as part of larger dining set or can be completely separate. We try to list every server in case of own picture, of course. These amazing units can serve not only as a kitchen applicable furniture piece, they also serve perfectly as display units. For display units we have a separate category (and quite a lot of products there can fall under buffet agenda).

Traditional server with built-in wine rack

Not all buffets have distinct kitchen defining features, so, again, can be easily used as consoles, displays or just sideboards. Most common definitive features of buffets are glass shelving, wine racks, cup and glass holders. Buffets are purely horizontal pieces, so if you're looking for vertical dining room storage / display units check out our china section.

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