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Coaster Furniture

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CoasterĀ® Fine Furniture doesn't need to be introduced. With 8 general warehouses around US, this is one of the biggest furniture wholesalers in market, both East Coast and West Coast, which instantly means good pricing, quality, availability and very wide choice of everything that can be connected to furniture niche. We are proudly working with New Jersey Coaster Wholesale warehouse.

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Leather Sofas

With over 40+ years in business Coaster Furniture is considered to be one of the most well known brand names in United States. It's quite often spoken to be #1 brand name and here's good reason for it. With its pulse on a market Coaster carries an overwhelming catalog of products that's divided to 4 large books every year: dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, living room furniture and accents. Coast doesn't compromise on quality and innovation. They are not afraid to experiment, trying new unusual lines or dedicating a part of their portfolio to collaborations with famous designer lines. With absolutely massive catalog there's a good chance you'll find something you absolutely love with Coaster Fine Furniture product lines.

There's not a single category where Coaster falls short, so it's quite hard to pin-point a specific area where this brand excels. However, we'd start with amazing dining room choices, either for everyday use, formal style sets or bar height styled dining room furniture. Absolutely massive accent chairs collection, where you can choose practically any style chair for whatever needs, either home or office. Surprisingly competitive sectionals, great style bedroom furniture for every possible style - Coaster does not focus on just one style, it produces everything. There's also a great choice of kids furniture, namely bunkbeds and also some affordable office desks and computer chairs. One last area we want to mention is accent cabinets which are really popular. There's no abundance of brands' presence in every category, feel free to browse and experience the brands vision yourself.