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Moe's history started in 1986 when first store was opened in Vancouver area. In 1999 became full-time wholesaler. Simple design for everyday home is their main motto.

Moe's Home is passionate about design and its role in enhancing the concept of "living". Since the beginning, the company has created products with careful consideration, with a focus on empathy and honesty. They have a strong appreciation for the beauty and meaning found in materials, fibers, construction, and shapes, and strive to design products that last and add personality and poise to any space. Moe's Home believes in better design for better living, with a focus on quality and everyday functionality, and the positive impact that their products can have on well-being. In 1986, Moe Samieian Sr. founded Moe's as a Fine Rugs and Furniture store in Vancouver, Canada. The company quickly grew a loyal customer base thanks to Moe's unwavering passion and commitment to design. As the company's reputation grew, they expanded into the wholesale market in 1999 and opened a head office in San Francisco, leading to further expansion across the United States and Canada. In the early 2000s, Sara and Moe Samieian Jr. joined their parents in the furniture industry, making Moe's a family-owned and operated institution. Today, Moe's Home is a full-line wholesaler of modern furniture, lifestyle products, and home d├ęcor, designing approachable styles and customer-curated collections for over 30 years. Moe's Home offers a wide range of products that are polished, timeless, inventive, and cool. Their products bring style, ease, and flexibility to modern dwellings, curated environments, and contemporary lifestyles, always prioritizing quality and comfort.

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