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March 12, 2022

Fabric types used in furniture production

When you're choosing your furniture, especially couch, sectional or chair, in most cases you already know if you'd prefer leather or fabric. For all leather types we have a perfect article already written - it will help you to get more insight in different leather types.

Here's time to do the same for fabric. Types of upholstery fabric are not as many and they're quite easy to understand.

It's not going to be a very specific, technical, lengthy guide; we just want to quickly touch up to most common fabric types used for various furniture products that are mostly used for our lineups. We do 100% understand there might be some other fabrics that will not be mentioned here, but again, we'll touch only most common types used in our particular case, i.e., products.

Fabrics is default choice for a lot of fabric sectionals, chairs, beds, fabric sofas and sets, dining chairs and much more. As for many folks who can't stand leather for everyday use, fabric will be default choice. Let's just ease your life a little by providing little info what all those fabric types mean. Some primary cons / pros that will help you to choose your next fabric product.

Legs go.

Velvet Fabric

One of the most popular fabric types lately, especially for all glam style sofas, beds and chairs, looks very regal and luxurious. Very soft, lightweight, plush, durable, even and pleasant to the touch. One of the advantages of velvet that it can be dyed in various very striking vivid colors.

As for the cons velvet durability can be determined on density of woven fibers which can be pretty unknown. Maintenance and cleaning can be more difficult than some other fabric types.

Also, this fabric is considered to be relatively expensive. Some people don't consider velvet to be a good choice for everyday use products - just for formal furniture. We, however, know our customers are using velvet products for years without any problems.

velvet fabric sample on blue bed

Velvet fabric is quite often used on beds, and it looks gorgeous

Linen Fabric

Originally linen fabric comes from flax plants, but for furniture it's quite often mixed with artificial fabrics to improve its qualities, mainly durability. Linen is considered to be one of the strongest fabrics you can get, it does not pill or deteriorate.

Slubby, uneven structure that is quite a favorite for many people, very strong and soft to the touch. Resistant to fading, antibacterial (resistant to mildew, mold, etc.), natural fabric that is very earthy, natural looking. In most cases linen is tan, beige or gray tone.

For cons there are reports that linen can soil and wrinkle.

gray linen fabric used in sofa bed

Gray sofa bed done entirely in linen fabric


Man-made affordable, strong and soft fabric, very pleasant for skin contact and widely used for furniture of various kinds. Very easy to clean and maintain, in case you have spills or any other surprises - it will dry out very fast with no consequences.

Due to a more man-made nature of manufacturing process can come in almost any color. This fabric doesn't breathe as much as other types, so any smells would not gather in your sofa as easily. Abrasion and stain resistant.

If we talk about cons of polyester there are few to mention: it's flammable, don't smoke on your polyester couch! It's quite prone to extreme temperatures and can crack in case of very cold or hot temperatures.

wheatgrass polyester loveseat

Polyester fabric will typically be mentioned in product description


Most popular artificial fabric of the modern world - microfiber. Nylon and polyester blend, microfiber is extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain, very pleasant to the body and to the touch. Relatively inexpensive too. Very dense and thus durable.

Also, microfiber can be manufactured in different ways so it can 'mimic' other more natural fabric looks and feel, like cotton, wool, linen and so on. Similar to faux leather, microfiber is top choice if you're looking for material that is 100% man-made and doesn't use any nature products.

It's not stain proof, however it's quite easy to clean. Unlike any other 'natural' fabrics any dirt, allergens, or anything like that doesn't get 'soaked in' and typically stays on a surface so it's quite easily taken care of.

gray microfiber sectional

Microfiber is used everywhere - typically it's mentioned in product description

Chenille Fabric

Woven-type fabric that can be made of combination of fibers from rayon, wool, cotton and silk. Super-durable, made to last. Chenille is actually a French word for 'caterpillar' - fun fact. Very soft, very easy to clean, amazingly comfortable. This fabric main advantage is durability - quite often used for kids' furniture and sofa beds, i.e. for products that would be designed around heavy use.

For cons chenille tends to be extremely stretchable - so quite often sofas have extra layers behind main one. Also, it's main nature is longer fibers, so dirt and dust can stick there easier than for some other fabric types. For this reason this fabric is also not the best choice for houses with pets.

chenille fabric casual sofa

Most casual sofas will use chenille as primary fabric


Very expensive, luxurious fabric type. Will require some maintenance, like dry-cleaning - with proper maintenance, though, will last for years. Extremely nice, lush, luxurious and pleasant fabric overall. Retains shape and doesn't stretch. Used mostly for formal, expensive furniture.

Will require some maintenance and overall careful handling. Not for casual use or rough use, silk is suitable more for a formal furniture models. Not a good choice for kids / pets.

traditional style living room set in silk fabric

Silk is often used for expensive formal style couches


Cotton, similar to velvet, is very popular fabric choice since it can be dyed easily in almost any color. Very often used for couches, sectionals and such. Very breathable soft material and can be very inexpensive. 100% natural, nice to skin, hypoallergenic - if you have a sensitive skin it might be the best choice for you.

For cons it's worth mentioning that since cotton is extremely breathable it can catch stains / smells easily.

cotton gray couch

Gray cotton used as primary material for this sectional

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