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July 16, 2021

Patio furniture sets, tables and sofas

Well, summer is here again - perfect time for relaxation, beach time, walks, lakes, travelling. But as much as we want to - we can't travel all the time, besides, it's really nice to spend some time at your own place and enjoy summer right at the footsteps of your home. Fortunately, furniture industry cares about us in this regard - and perfect examples of outside furniture are produced for years for your summers enjoyment. Literally all furniture types, even beds (!) exist in outdoor format - these are perfect for your backyards, patios, outdoor areas or pool areas.

Patio furniture sectional

Outside / patio furniture set

What's important to know - this furniture is typically designed with outside use in mind. Of course, you can take outside a regular couch which is meant by inside use, but as they say, 'your mileage will vary' and to be honest, in most cases, 'inside furniture' in 'outside' conditions would not last. Excessive moisture, temperatures, direct sunlight and winds will destroy it quite fast. However, patio furniture is typically done completely differently.

First of all wooden parts in patio furniture are treated differently, with outside usage in mind. Of course, this might not last 100 years, but you don't need it to last that long, do you?

patio furniture dining set

Dining table and stools set designed for outdoor use

Secondly, all cushioning is designed with outside use as well - and while you can keep it outside, it's advised that you take cushions inside of your home or garage, so it will stay in shape for much-much longer time. Besides, those cushions are simply smaller, and not that heavy as regular couch cushions - because again, they are designed with a lot of moving around in mind.

patio bed

There are even patio / outdoor beds available!

All types of outside furniture are being made, but most popular are, of course: sectional sets w/ chairs, sofa sets w/ chairs, tables and stools sets, separate hanging or leisure chairs, accent and poolside tables and even beds and leisure deck chairs.

patio chair

Hanging outdoor chair is one of most popular patio products

About 99% of all patio furniture is made in Southeast Asia - places like Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, places where they KNOW how to make an outside furniture, have experience in that and have been making those things for decades. They have materials for this type of furniture, styles of woods that are suitable and most notably - different styles of rattan, which is extremely light, durable and suitable material for patio products.

As of July 2021, we're adding a new series of patio furniture to the website - and what's the best, it's shipped completely free since these products come directly from factories. So, if you're looking forward on adding something new and exciting to your deck or pool area - you know where you can take a look :)

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