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Comfyco.com is furniture place that serves primarily American Northeast for more than 10 years. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality, fast, hassle free delivery that covers everything. Our primary service area is area around NYC and around I-95 from Boston to Washington D.C. We are happy to offer your free, fast delivery that also includes assembly for most products to following areas:

New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island

We do provide a home delivery with installation at least once a week to our primary service area - NY City Metro area. Delivery is free in all areas and happens at least once a week. We do provide full moving/delivery insurance if needed. Read more about delivery to New York City.

Westchester County and Long Island

Free home delivery to Long island is usually 2 times a month (every 2nd week), depends on the area. Closer Long Island we visit every week. Westchester - depends on a distance from a city, but usually at least once a week we have a truck in that area. Read more about delivery to NYC suburbs.

New Jersey

NJ is our home! Most convinient, fast, free delivery service to Northern and Central Jersey areas, at least 1-2 times a week. We have our primary delivery facility in Edison, NJ, so we deliver around Edison pretty fast. South Jersey around I-95 - at least once a week, other southern areas, like Atlantic City and Cape May may take a longer time. Read more about delivery to Jersey.

Connecticut and Massachusetts

We have a furniture delivery truck to Connecticut and Massachusetts once a week. Boston/Worcester/Hartford/New Haven/Stamford areas are primary areas for delivery, but we deliver everywhere else as well. We also deliver to Rhode Island - and delivery to these areas is free. Read more about delivery to MA&CT.

Maryland, Delaware (I-95), Washington D.C., VA DC suburbs

We have a furniture delivery truck to MD/DC/VA around DC once a week. Free delivery as well - we also deliver to VA areas around our nation capital. Baltimore and Maryland cities around I-95 are also very popular service areas. Read more about delivery to MD&DC.

Pennsylvania Philadelphia area

We deliver to Philly area usually with a same truck that goes to DC - once a week. This includes areas around PA, closer south Jersey areas and King of Prussia / Allentown areas. Free delivery as well. Read more about delivery to PA.

Glass dining table w/ black legs Casual Dining Sets E767 (Black) $649.00 449.00 Glass dining table w/ black legs Casual Dining Sets E767 (Black) $649.00 $449.00 Oak fininsh 5pcs casual dining table set Casual Dining Sets AH6015 $669.00 579.00
Reversible blue/gray small sectional sofa Sectional Sofas P7490 499.00 Easy rest one-sided quilted mattress Mattresses & Box Springs Dreamwell 300 (Queen Size) 239.00 Neo-classical bed w/ mirror rims and tuftings Modern Bedrooms & Beds Bijoux 849.00 14-slat modern bed in dark brown faux leather Modern Bedrooms & Beds P9211 199.00
Light Gray fabric 3pcs even sectional sofa Sectional Sofas Empress (Light Gray) 1899.00 Sunny fabric mid-century style modern sofa Fabric Sofas Beguile (Sunny) 1099.00 Laguna fabric 3pcs even sectional sofa Sectional Sofas Empress (Laguna) 1899.00 Wheatgrass fabric tufted back contemporary couch Fabric Sofas Engage (Wheatgrass) 1099.00