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June 6, 2022

7 Best Bar Stools 2022

Bar stools are always handy. Most of apartments and homes do have at least one area that you can use bar stools - it's either a counter, patio area, balcony, etc. No wonder bar stools are so popular! Besides, they are relatively inexpensive and stylish products to refresh your decor with. Let's take a look at the most popular models so far.

1. Privy B Gold Azure Bar stool from Modway

gold / azure fabric bar stool

One of the largest bar stool collections of bar stools on a website is Modway bar stools collection. It's quite hard to choose one winning models, they come in many different styles / finishes - check out by yourself!

2. CS424 bar stool from Coaster

white coaster bar stool

Coaster has many bar stools in its lineup and most of these come under item numbers, not names. Which is quite fine - when there's a lot of products, factories keep those numbers handy. One of truly impressive designs. Sold in a set of 2.

3. Shirley Red Bar stool from FOA

red FOA bar stool

Furniture of America bar stools are mostly part of some counter height set, but there are few stand-alone models available. This swivel Shirley model is exceptionally popular, comes also in black, white and gray color but red is truly eye-catching.

4. G002 Black Z-shaped stool from Global

Black Z-shaped bar stool

Famous Global design of Z-shaped chairs evolved to bar stools too - it's one of Global Bar Stools that tend to be more contemporary designs in nature.

5. P1557 Black Bar stool from BOSS

Boss black bar stool

Nice and affordable Poundex bar stools lineup features many attractive models, but this is one of the most popular. Model 1557.

6. JM192-3 Black Bar stool from J&M

black bar stool from J&M

There are not too many bar stools from J&M available, but this 192 model (comes in white an brown colors too) is one of the best.

7. Etta Blue bar stool from Moe

blue fabric bar stool

Moe's main goal is truly unique designs. Moe's bar stool collection features a lot of quite unusual, quality models; these is true choice of sophisticated customer.

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